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Education Disruption > Process: How it Works

Process: How it Works

  1. A student is identified as a student who has experienced education disruption as a result from homelessness, unplanned psychiatric hospitalization, unplanned hospitalization, for a medical emergency (not a planned medical hospitalization or recovery), foster care placement, youth development center placement or some other out of district placement that is not otherwise authorized by either an individualized education plan or other education plan or a superintendent’s agreement.
  1. Professional school staff must be assigned to ensure the complete transfer of all records.
  1. Educational Records must be sent by the sending schoolto the receiving school, as soon as possible, but no later than 5 school days after the student enrolls in receiving school.
  1. When educational materials, such as curricula and assignments are not made available within 5 school days an “Academic Program Waiver” must be signed by the sending school in which the sending school agrees to accept the academic programming implemented at the interim placementand document on the student’s transcript the credits earned or Maine Learning Results standards met by the student at the receiving school
  1. A “School Work Recognition Plan” must be developed within 10 days of “experiencing education disruption”; or
  1. An “Academic Program Waiver” (in lieu of the school recognition plan)may be agreed upon by which the work completed in the interim placement will be recognized and documented.
  1. An agreement must be reached as to whether the sending or receiving school will be responsible for supplying  educational materials/curricula, etc.  
  1. The “School Work Recognition Plan” may be developed through alternative meeting forms such as email, or teleconferencing.
  1. The short formSchool Work Recognition Plan” in Consideration of a "Maine Department of Education Diploma” must be completed for students in grades K – 12.
  1. The long formSchool Work Recognition Plan” in Consideration of a "Maine Department of Education Diploma” must be completed for juniors and seniors who are ages 16-20 who have “experienced education disruption” and may be unable to obtain a locally awarded diploma
  1. A Personal Education Plan (Part II of the “Maine Department of Education Diploma packet) must be completed when a sending or receiving school cannot reach agreement regarding educational programming and/or curricula.
  1. For high school juniors and seniors who are ages 16-20, the School Recognition Plan must contain how and when the decision will be made as to whether the student has met the requirements for a local high school diploma or is to be recommended for a statewide review team  meeting for the consideration of a Maine Department of Education Diploma.
  1. A Sponsor for the Maine Department of Education Diploma shall be appointed to support and assist the student throughout the application and statewide review process.
  1. Checklist and Recommendation for a Maine Department of Education Diploma with School Work Recognition Plan,  Educational Materials documenting evidence of completed curricula, assignments, alternate educational documentation, personal education plan, or learning objectives plan, and Transition Plan, transcripts, Academic Programming Waiver (when applicable), parent/guardian, student and public/private school or interim placement, School Work Recognition Plan representative, and Sponsor for the Maine Department of Education Diploma contact information.
  1. The “Statewide Review Team” will convene two times yearly to review Maine Department of Education Diploma applications in consideration for a December or June graduation date.
  1. If it is decided that the student does not meet local requirements for a high school diploma, a team (Statewide Review Team) designated by the Commissioner will review compiled evidence of a student’s work and make a recommendation to the Commissioner regarding the awarding of a Maine Department of Education Diploma.
  2. A copy of the recommendation will be sent to the sending school.
  1. Students who have experienced educational disruption and have been recommended by theStatewide Review Team to receive a Maine Department of Education Diploma will be issued a diploma by the Commissioner upon satisfactory completion of the content standards of the Learning Results in addition to any other diploma requirements applicable to secondary students as set forth in their School Work Recognition Plan.
  1. Alternatives to Maine Department of Education Diploma are: Effective School Work Recognition Plan should enable school personnel to articulate the required coursework for graduation and create a plan to follow through; and/or the use of personalized learning opportunities such as, PLATO, Independent Studies and Community Service Projects could be recognized for credits and competency of the Maine Department of Education Diploma.
  1. If a student is denied aMaine Department of Education Diploma the student will be given information specific to options available to them to earn a Maine Department of Education Diploma if time and age appropriate, or an Adult Education Diploma, or a GED.
  1. A  request for Reconsideration of a Maine Department of Education Diploma may be made by applicant  within thirty calendar days of a denial for a Maine Department of Education Diploma.