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  Updated:  October 2, 2013


Professional Development and Training


2014 Regional Safety Conference for Maine School Transportation Professionals


SouthernArea (Zone 1) April 22 2014, Location: TBA

Mid Coast Area(Zone 2) April 23 2014, Location:TBA

Central Area (Zone 3) April 24 2014, Location: TBA

Western Area(Zone 4) April 25 2014, Location: Mt Blue HS, Farmington

Northern Area (Zone 5) June 25, Location: TBA

Down East Area(Zone 6) June 27, Location: TBA


Link to Maine Association for Pupil Transportation (MAPT) Website


2014 State Safety Conference for Maine School Transportation Professionals


July 22-25, 2014, Location: Sugarloaf



School Bus Driver In-Service Safety Series

by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)


MAINE LAW – Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles – Statute (Title 29-A)

Title 29-A, Section 2303.4 


Specific to transportation training for school bus drivers and transportation staff, Title 29-A, Section 2303.4 notes the following:


“The Department of Education shall, within available resources, develop, certify and administer regional school bus driver training programs and assist administrative units in school bus safety and driver training.”


TRAINING – A Pupil Transportation Regional Safety Training Conference Series funded by the Maine Department of Education, supported by the Maine State Police, and delivered by the Maine Association of Pupil Transportation is presented annually during April and June.  It includes a school bus Rodeo competition and driver safety training.  It is delivered annually in the following regions:

  • Southern Maine                                              •    Western Maine
  • Mid-Coast Maine                                             •    Northern Maine
  • Central Maine                                                 •    Downeast Maine


A Pupil Transportation Sate Safety Conference funded by the Maine Department of Education, supported by the Maine State Police, and delivered by the Maine Association of Pupil Transportation is presented each July.  It includes classroom training, a bus driver Rodeo competition, transportation software training, and vendor displays.




Pupil Transportation Regional Safety Conference


Pupil Transportation State Safety Conference



MAINE LAW – Maine Department of Education – Statute (Title 20-A)

Title 20-A, Section 4001.7  

Web link:


Specific to transportation training for school bus drivers, Title 20-A notes the following:

“ A school administrative unit, including the unorganized territories, shall establish and maintain a maintenance and capital improvement program for all school facilities, utilizing a maintenance template and software provided by the department and shall annually commit resources to that program pursuant to established minimum standards.”  [note:  facilities maintenance and capital plans include transportation]


TEMPLATE – A Template, called the Maine School Facilities Maintenance Plan (MeSFMP), details statute, regulation, recognized guideline/best practice, Maine standard, and measure (exceeds, meets, partially meets, does not meet) and is provided for schools on the Maine DOE website.  Specific to driver training, the Template notes the following:


Template Vehicle Service

  • Pre-service Driver Training (new school bus driver) – 40 hours
    • Vehicle – behind-the-wheel instruction
    • Environment – interactive or class room instruction (safety, first aid, emergencies, pupil management, pre-trip and post-trip inspections, records)
  • In-service Driver Training (experienced drivers) – 16 hours annually
    • Improve skills, attitude and knowledge

Software:  Student Routing & Transportation Management System (SRTMS)

  • Transfinder Student Routing & Transportation Management (SRTMS) Training



Template web link 


Pre-service Driver Training

In-Service Driver Safety Training

Transfinder Student Routing & Transportation Management System (SRTMS) Training


MAINE RULE – Maine Department of Education – Rule, Chapter 81

05-071 Chapter 81:  Uniform School Bus Standards for Pupil Transportation In Maine,

Specific to transportation training for drivers, students and school staff, Chapter 81, Section 081.2.B.1-2 Maine School Bus Regulations General Provisions, notes the following:

  • School Bus drivers must perform daily pre-trip inspections of their vehicle and report promptly in writing any defects or deficiencies discovered that may affect the safety of the vehicle operation or result in its mechanical breakdown. 
  • At least twice during each school year each pupil who is transported in a school bus shall be instructed in safe riding practices and participate in emergency evacuation drills.


Local School Administrative Units (SAUs) and their Transportation Directors typically provide training on pre-trip inspections, safe riding practices, and emergency evacuation drills.  Given that these items are routine in the industry, many national resources are available.




Daily Pre-Trip Inspection

  • Maine Commercial Driver License Manual (page 122)


Safe Riding Practices

  • Safe Bus Riding Practice Programs are typically provided by the school Transportation Director


Emergency Evacuation Drills


General School Bus Safety


MAINE LAWS & RULES – Special or Unique Transportation Situations

When dealing with special or unique transportation situations, please review the training laws and rules associated with your specific situation such as:

  • Head Start students
  • Infants
  • Pre-school
  • School bus aid
  • Special needs students
  • Toddlers
  • Transportation crossing state and country borders



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