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Archived material. This page is no longer maintained.

Team Members 

Department of Education

vLiteracy Advisory Group


Department of Education

Jaci Holmes
Child Development Services Director & Early Childhood Consultant

Lee Anne Larsen

Distinguished Educator for Early Literacy
Maine Department of Education

Lee Anne Larsen has been a primary grade teacher (grades 2-4) for the past nine years at the James H. Bean School in Sidney, ME. She holds Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and Master of Science in Elementary Education degrees from the University of New Hampshire.She also holds a Certificate of Advance Study in Literacy Education from the University of Maine.In addition to teaching, she has worked as an Instructional Leader for K-3 teachers in MSAD #47, providing curriculum and professional development, mentoring, and administrative support.Lee Anne has conducted workshops and presentations for teachers at the local, state, and national levels, has worked as an adjunct faculty member for the University of Maine teaching literacy courses, and has written several articles.Her areas of interest include literacy instruction and assessment, portfolio design and assessment, teacher research, and the development of home/school partnerships around literacy. 

She is a member of the New England Reading Association, the Maine Reading Association, the International Reading Association, and the National Council of Teachers of English.Currently, Lee Anne is on loan to the Maine Department of Education as the Department’s Distinguished Educator for Early Literacy.In this position, she is responsible for early literacy initiatives related to the Department’s Center for Inquiry on Literacy and she serves on the Maine Family Literacy Task Force. 

Kathryn Manning

Coordinator of Maine’s Improving America’s Schools Act Program
Maine Department of Education

Kathryn Manning is Coordinator of the Improving American’s Schools Act Program and Director of the Title IA Program at the Maine Department of Education.She is also co-director of the Maine Reading Excellence Act Grant.A trained Reading Recovery Teacher, Kathryn came to Maine in 1989 to coordinate the Title I Program Improvement initiative and has promoted many research based literacy programs.Currently she administers Maine’s Reading Recovery funds.Kathryn received the Maine Reading Recovery Service Award in 1993 and the national Teacher Leader Award in 1994.She is a member of many committees, including the Maine Family Literacy Task Force.Professional organizations to which Kathy belongs include the Maine Reading Association, International Reading Association, and the National Reading Recovery Council.She also serves on the board of the National Association of State Title I Directors.


Patrick O’Shea
Distinguished Educator for Title I

Becky Dyer

Even Start and Family Literacy Coordinator


Literacy Advisory Group


Mary Giard

Program Consultant:  Literacy Specialist
Maine Center for Education Services

As a teacher for twenty years, Mary “walked her talk”-by connecting current research with actual classroom practice.  Her long commitment and expertise to high quality reading and language arts instruction make her a highly sought after consultant, workshop leader and university instructor.  Mary has facilitated literacy staff development work K-12 throughout the United States.

Mary has been actively involved in literacy initiatives throughout Maine and New England.She is a past president of Maine Reading Association and a current board member of the New England Reading Association.Mary has been honored by organizations for her work, including the International Reading Association’s Literacy Award, the Center for the Expansion of Language and Thinking’s Outstanding Teacher Award and she received the Milken National Educator Award in 1992.First hand knowledge of curriculum, instruction and assessment practices that work in schools help ground her work in teachers’ daily lives.

Patricia Jackman
Language Arts Director
Westbrook School Department, Westbrook, Maine

Patricia T. Jackman is the language arts director at the Westbrook School Department in Westbrook, Maine.She has taught elementary and middle level students as well as Reading Recovery children.She was one of the first Reading Recovery teacher leaders in the state of Maine, doing her training at New York University.She has trained Literacy Coordinators in the state for the Ohio State University Literacy Collaborative program in addition to working with a number of districts to help improve their classroom literacy instruction.In 1997-98, she was a Distinguished Educator for the Maine Department of Education’s IASA Office.She has presented numerous sessions at local, regional, national, and international literacy conferences including the International Reading Association, National Reading Recovery Conference and Institute, and the National Title I Directors’ Conference

Paula Moore, Ed. D.  
Assistant Professor and Director of the Center for Early Literacy
University of Maine

Dr. Moore has been a primary grade teacher, literacy specialist, middle school teacher and administrator in public schools for twenty years.She earned a Doctorate in education at the University of Maine and completed a year-long training in New Zealand as a University Reading Recovery Trainer.Currently, Dr. Moore is Director of the Center for Early Literacy at the University of Maine, Trainer of Reading Recovery Teacher Leaders, and Coordinator for the Reading Recovery program in Maine.She also coordinates inservice courses for educators at the K-5 level.Her areas of interest include:early reading and writing development, methods for classroom reading instruction, methods for teaching children with reading difficulties, and pre-school literacy.

Dr. Moore edited a series of books, Little Books for Early Readers, for use in Kindergartens and First Grades, and a Big Book series for use in pre-schools.In 1996, she conducted a study to explore literacy achievement of kindergarteners and first graders in Maine.In addition, she conducted a study in a pre-school to explore ways in which childcare programs can increase the literacy learning opportunities for children aged three to five.Presently, she is conducting a study to explore the development of phonemic awareness and other cognitive processes in Reading Recovery children.


Cindy O’Shea  
Executive Director
Casco Bay Educational Alliance

Cindy O’Shea has had a long and highly successful career in Maine education.She taught second grade for ten years prior to becoming the principal of the Naraganset School in Gorham, a position she held for eleven years.Currently, Cindy is in her third year as Director of the Casco Bay Educational Alliance (CBEA).CBEA is an educational alliance of six school districts (Falmouth, Freeport, Gorham, Yarmouth, MSAD #51, and MSAD #62) committed to working together to support teacher development and effect student achievement.The Casco Bay Educational Alliance has developed a template for literacy instruction, assessment and reporting.Cindy has also contributed her expertise to the field by co-authoring several articles on school change.  She was named a Milken National Educator Award winner.

Virginia Secor

Dr. Margo Wood  
Associate Provost for Graduate Studies and Research
Professor of Literacy Education
University of Southern Maine

Margo Wood is Associate Provost for Graduate Studies and Research and professor of Literacy Education at the University of Southern Maine.She is author of Essentials of Elementary Language Arts and co-author of Becoming a Reader:A Developmental Approach to Reading Instruction.She is also co-author of In the Know, a four book reading series for Adult Basic Literacy students and produced the videotape Reading Aloud:An Early Literacy Intervention.

A former classroom teacher and literacy specialist, Dr. Wood has been extensively involved in inservice and staff development in Maine schools.Her research interests include early literacy development and teacher research.She is the initiator and Principal Investigator of Project Story Boost, an early literacy intervention that focuses on kindergarten children who lack literacy experiences or who are limited in their English language proficiency.