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Free Survey/Assesment Tools

Through the Best Practice Pilot Project, we developed a POLICY CHECKLIST that all schools can use to gain critical insights about what is currently in place verses what should be in place in order to reduce bullying and harassment and improve school climate.

During the past ten years, Maine has worked diligently to collect student health behavior and safety information in a way that reduces the burden of multiple student surveys in local school administrations (LEAs) by creating one student health behavior survey, the Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey, (MIYHS).  The full methodology is documented for 2009 at:  

The MIYHS integrates the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS), the Maine Drug and Alcohol Use Survey (MYDAUS), as well as other data needs identified by various State and Federal agencies.  The MIYHS survey made its spring debut in 2009 and received weighted data that currently assesses self-reported student behavior regarding the use of alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, and engagement in related anti-social behaviors such as bullying and harassment in grades 6 through 12. The overall response rate for MIYHS was 65%, with 108 of 134 high schools participating.  The MIYHS data exceeds the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) standard for school survey response rates and includes youth developmental asset questions in addition to protective factors and risk factors, but still lacks the more detailed information about school climate, bullying, and bias-based harassment that more focused survey tool can offer to augment the MIYHS data.

Here, we offer well-designed, Maine-based survey tools --- for both staff and students ---from which schools can augment their MIYHS data in an effort to fully understand the schools’ true and current climate realities and factors relating to staff competencies and student experiences of bullying and harassment from which to gauge baseline information from which to implement change. The free, downloadable PDF tools were developed by the Maine Best Practice Team as part of a pilot project conducted from 2007 to 2008.

This section also provides links to other survey tools to aid schools in assessing school climate and bullying and harassment some of which charge fees for their use and/or analysis. Without ongoing assessment of each school-buildings’ student and staff perceptions and experiences, significant changes in school climate and bullying and harassment are unlikely.

Critical Components For incident Reports - in Word

Prevention Policy Check List - in Word

Sample Adult Survey Safe Fair Schools - in PDF

Sample Inventory of Policies and Practices - in Word

Sample Student Survey Instrument - in PDF