GEDs & Adult Diplomas

If you're an adult without a high school diploma, the GED or the Adult High School Diploma could be your route to improved career prospects, a college education and increased earnings potential. The Maine Department of Education offers assistance to those seeking to earn their GED or Adult High School Diploma, those seeking copies of their GED records and transcripts, and those preparing students to earn a GED or adult diploma.

  • Find a GED Testing Center. Looking for a place to take your GED exam? Find a nearby testing center through the website of the American Council on Education.
  • High School Completion and GED Preparation. Use the website of the Maine Adult Education Association to find the courses you need to complete your high school coursework and prepare for the GED exam.
  • GED Information and Resources. The Department of Education website offers resources for the GED test taker and test administrator.
  • GED Transcripts. Do you need a copy of your official GED transcript? This web page provides instructions for requesting your GED records.
  • Maine High School Equivalency Program. If you work in agriculture or logging, you might qualify for a weekly stipend, tutoring, childcare reimbursement, transportation and other support services as you work toward your GED.