Adult Education

Maine Adult Education is an education, life and career pathways system that enables adults to be prepared for post-secondary education and/or employment. Providing courses in literacy and adult basic education, high school completion, Maine college transition, career preparation and enrichment, Maine Adult Education has over 80 programs located throughout the state.

Adult education programs provide a range of instructional services to help adults develop the skills for further educational opportunities, job training and better employment, and to realize their full potential as productive workers, family members and citizens. To address the geographic challenges that may limit access to educational resources, Maine Adult Education partners with the ConnectME Authority by providing technical assistance for adults to access educational resources, health information and other important online services. Schedule a free broadband presentation!

Maine Adult Education partners with the Maine Adult Education Association, a professional organization that advocates for adult education locally, statewide and nationally, and supports its members in order to meet the educational needs of Maine's adults.


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