Underground Oil Storage Tanks Laws, Rules and Policies

Maine Laws and Rules (Off Site)
38 MRSA § 561 et seq. – Subchapter 2-B: Underground Oil Storage Facilities and Groundwater Protection

Chapter 691 - Rules for Underground Oil Storage Facilities
Amended January 7, 2014
Chapter 692 - Rules for Siting of Oil Storage Facilities
Chapter 693 - Rules for Operator Training for Underground Oil and Hazardous Substance Storage Facilities
Chapter 695 - Rules for Underground Hazardous Substance Storage Facilities
See also Laws, Rules, and Policies for the Board of Underground Storage Tank Installers

Policies (All documents below open in Adobe Acrobat)
Abandonment of Stage II Gasoline Vapor Recovery Piping at UST Facilities
Petrometer Interstitial Monitoring Systems
Precision Testing of Single-walled Tanks Containing Ethanol-blended Gasoline
Precision Testing Requirements for Suction Piping
Leak Detection and Corrosion Protection Requirements for Siphon Piping

Federal Laws and Rules
USEPA Office of Underground Storage Tanks (Off Site)