Applications and Forms

Many old individual forms have now been replaced by one License Application packet. Please use this application form for licensing as an asbestos or lead business and for asbestos or lead training corse approval. Contact: Sandy Moody (207) 287-7751.

Certification as an Asbestos Professional (pdf format) Instructions (pdf format) - This form is used for both initial and renewal certifications

30 Day Extension (MS Word format) (pdf format)

Asbestos Waste Storage Facility (fillable pdf format)

Building Demolition Notification Form (MS Word format) (pdf format)

Asbestos Bulk Sampling Protocols and Disclosure Form X (fillable pdf format)

Asbestos Independent Business Relationship Disclosure Form I (MS Word format) (pdf format)

Asbestos Presumed Positive Disclosure Form P (MS Word format) (pdf format)

Asbestos Project Monitoring Disclosure Form M (MS Word format) (pdf format)

Notification Form A (MS Word format) (pdf format)

Notification Form N (fillable pdf format)

Notification Form R (MS Word format) (pdf format)

Training Provider Course Notification (fillable pdf format)