Region B: Casco Bay Region

Scarborough, ME to Bremen, ME

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Latest Plan Revision

B-01-1   Scarborough Scarborough River 4/16/2014
B-01-2 Scarborough Scarborough River  
B-02-1 Scarborough / Cape Elizabeth Spurwink River  
B-03-1 Cape Elizabeth Richmond Island 1/5/2012
B-04-1 Saco Stratton / Bluff Islands  
B-05-1 South Portland / Portland Fore River 9/5/2006
B-05-2 South Portland / Portland Fore River - Turners Island 1/5/2012
B-06-1 Portland Back Cove 1/5/2012
B-07-1 Portland / Falmouth Presumpscot River  
B-08-1 Falmouth Mackworth Cove  
B-08-2 Falmouth Mackworth Cove  
B-09-1 Cumberland / Yarmouth Broad Cove 1/5/2012
B-09-2 Yarmouth Broad Cove  
B-10-1 Yarmouth Cousins & Little John Islands  
B-10-2 Yarmouth Cousins & Little John Islands 1/5/2012
B-11-1 Yarmouth / Freeport Cousins & Royal Rivers  
B-12-1 Freeport Harraseeket River 1/5/2012
B-12-2 Freeport Harraseeket River  
B-12-3 Freeport Harraseeket River  
B-13-1 Freeport Little River  
B-14-1 Harpswell Basin Cove  
B-15-1 Brunswick Maquoit Bay  
B-16-1 Harpswell / Brunswick Middle Bay  
B-16-2 Harpswell / Brunswick Middle Bay  
B-17-1 Harpswell Harpswell Cove / Long Reach  
B-17-2 Harpswell Harpswell Cove / Long Reach  
B-17-3 Harpswell Harpswell Cove / Long Reach  
B-18-1 Harpswell Long Cove  
B-19-1 Harpwell / Brunswick Woodward Cove  
B-20-1 Brunswick / West Bath Upper New Meadows River  
B-21-1 Brunswick / West Bath Thomas Point Beach  
B-22-1 West Bath Back Cove  
B-23-1 Harpswell Oak Ledge  
B-24-1 Phippsburg The Basin  
B-25-1 Phippsburg Cape Small Harbor  
B-26-1 Phippsburg Sprague & Morse Rivers  
B-27-1 Phippsburg / Georgetown Lower Kennebec River  
B-27-2 Phippsburg Lower Kennebec River  
B-27-3 Phippsburg Lower Kennebec River  
B-28-1 Bath / Arrowsic Middle Kennebec River  
B-28-2 Woolwich / Arrowsic Middle Kennebec River  
B-29-1 Bath / Woolwich Upper Kennebec River  
B-30-1 Arrowsic / Georgetown Back River  
B-31-1 Georgetown Little River - Georgetown  
B-32-1 Georgetown Robinhood Cove  
B-33-1 Woolwich Brookings Bay  
B-34-1 Boothbay Back and Cross River 4/17/2008
B-34-2 Edgecomb / Boothbay Back and Cross River 4/17/2008
B-35-1 Wiscasset / Westport North Edgecomb - Cushman Pt. 4/17/2008
B-35-2 Wiscasset Chewonki Neck - Montsweag Bay 4/17/2008
B-36-1 Wiscasset / Edgecomb Sheepscot River - Wiscasset 4/17/2008
B-37-1 Wiscasset / Newcastle Upper Sheepscot - Marsh River 4/17/2008
B-38-1 Boothbay Pleasant Cove 1/5/2012
B-39-1 South Bristol Seal Cove 4/17/2008
B-40-1 South Bristol / Bristol St. John's Bay 1/5/2012
B-41-1 Edgecomb /South Bristol Upper Damariscotta River  
B-41-2 Damariscotta / Newcastle Damariscotta Harbor 4/16/2014
B-41-3 Newcastle / Damariscotta Upper Damariscotta River 4/16/2014
B-42-1 Boothbay Lower Damariscotta River - Little River 4/17/2008
B-42-2 South Bristol Lower Damariscotta River - Christmas Cove 4/17/2008
B-42-3 Boothbay Lower Damariscotta River - Montgomery Point 4/17/2008
B-43-1 Newcastle Salt Bay 1/5/2012
B-44-1 Bremen / Waldoboro Broad Cove - Bremen