Maine DEP Division of Watershed Management Named Conservation Partner of the Year

April 11, 2011

Samantha DePoy-Warren, Maine DEP Spokesperson 287-5842 (office) or 592-0427 (cell)

GORHAM — The Maine Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Watershed Management has been named the 2010 Conservation Partner of the Year by the Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District (CCSWCD) for contributing to the stewardship of that county’s natural resources.

Maine DEP staff Don Witherill, Wendy Garland, Norm Marcotte and Don Kale accepted the award at the district’s annual meeting recently in Gorham from CCSWCD senior project manager Betty Williams, largely for their division’s work on the Long Creek Restoration Project.

“We appreciate your bending over backwards to make the unique circumstances in this watershed work. Your efforts helped to install some pretty amazing on-the-ground projects,” Williams told the winners during the presentation.

She also thanked the department division for their efforts in lake protection, statewide water monitoring and leading the contractor certification program through the Nonpoint Source Training Center.

“The award is a testament to the value of partnerships and our department’s willingness to always be reaching out as a resource. Working individually we could only accomplish a small amount but by working collaboratively with local partners like the Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District, we are always able to accomplish so much more,” said Witherill, director of the Division of Watershed Management for Maine DEP.

Other Maine DEP Division of Watershed Management staff members include Denise Blanchette, Jeff Dennis, Mary Ellen Dennis, Kristin Feindel, Kathy Hoppe, Marianne Hubert, Bill LaFlamme, Tony St. Peter, Jeff Varicchionne and Barb Welch.

Other winners of CCSWCD’s 2010 annual awards include: Stewardship Group, Moose Pond Association; Steward, Lynda Reed; Contractor, Deluca-Hoffman Associates; Educator, Jeff Riddle of Windham High School; Journalist, Randy Billings from The Forecaster; Business Partner, Perkins-Thompson; and Conservation Farm, Moorebrook Farm.

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The Maine Department of Environmental Protection is responsible for protecting and restoring Maine's natural resources and enforcing the state's environmental laws. Legislative mandate directs DEP to prevent, abate and control the pollution of the air, water and land. The charge is to preserve, improve and prevent diminution of the natural environment of the State. The department is also directed to protect and enhance the public's right to use and enjoy Maine’s natural resources. The department administers programs, educates and makes regulatory decisions that contribute to the achievement of this mission. For more information about the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, visit