Land Contacts

The "on-call" system. If you have a question relating to permitting or licensing, enforcement, or general questions, please call your nearest regional DEP office, describe your question to the receptionist, and ask to speak to the "on-call" person.

Most questions can be answered by the person on-call. If the on-call person needs assistance, he or she may speak to another staff person and get back to you, or refer you directly to another staff person. Sometimes the "on-call" person may already be helping someone else when you call. If so, he or she will call you back.

Office numbers

  • Augusta (Central Maine Regional Office):  207-287-7688; 800-452-1942
  • Bangor (Eastern Maine Regional Office):  207-941-4570; 888-769-1137
  • Portland (Southern Maine Regional Office):  207-822-6300; 888-769-1036
  • Presque Isle (Northern Maine Regional Office):  207-764-0477; 888-769-1053

Contact numbers
(The area code for Maine is 207)

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