Pounds of Electronics Collected

There is a continued upward trend in the collection of electronic waste, successfully diverting these products from disposal to reuse and recycling.

This Indicator tracks the amount of used, unwanted electronics that have been managed separately from solid waste and responsibly recycled. Electronics collected as part of Maine’s manufacturer product stewardship program include televisions, portable DVD players, game consoles, computer monitors, laptops, tablets, desktop printers and digital picture frames. Many municipally and privately operated solid waste facilities accept these products as well as computers and computer peripherals for recycling. Some also offer special one-day collection events. Maine residents and small businesses may also bring computer-related electronics to Goodwill locations for recycling. Best Buy and Staples stores also offer free recycling for an extensive list of electronics. Data for the collection and recycling efforts for these products is provided to Maine DEP through:

  • Annual reports submitted by electronics consolidators participating in Maine’s manufacturer product stewardship program;
  • Annual solid waste facility reports submitted by municipalities and private sector operators; and
  • Reports voluntarily submitted by Goodwill, Best Buy & Staples on their programs.

Contact: Carole Cifrino (207) 485-8160

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