Online Bedrock Water Resources Maps and Reports

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Bedrock Aquifer Reports
Catalog No.Description
90-25aPhoto-lineament Mapping at 1:40,000 Scale in the Sebago Batholith and Bottle Lake Complex of Maine
Maps Showing Potential Zones of High Ground Water Transmissivity (Scale 1:24,000)
Catalog No.Quadrangle Name
85-89dBath (1.3Mb)
85-89hBoothbay Harbor (0.9Mb)
85-89fBristol (1.2Mb)
85-89cDamariscotta (1.4Mb)
85-89iPemaquid Point (0.6Mb)
85-89gPhippsburg (1.1Mb)
85-89aRichmond (1.0Mb)
85-89eWestport (1.2Mb)
85-89bWiscasset (1.2Mb)

Maps Showing Lineaments, High-yield Bedrock Wells, and Potential Bedrock Recharge Areas (Scale 1:250,000)
Catalog No.Quadrangle Name
86-69Bangor (2.4Mb)
86-70Eastport (1.3Mb)
86-68Lewiston (2.2Mb)
86-67Portland and Bath (2.3Mb)
86-71Sherbrooke (1.5Mb)

Last updated on October 13, 2010