Yes we DO have earthquakes in Maine!

Did you feel an earthquake?

  • Please submit an online report to the U.S. Geological Survey.
    • (If you are in Canada, report it here.)
  • Are you the only one who felt it? Maybe it was a cryoseism.
  • Up-to-date Maine Earthquake Information. Links to official on-line sources for Maine earthquake reports. (Caution: Different sources may give slightly different reports immediately after an earthquake. Preliminary information is subject to revision.)
    image of clock face    Note! Official earthquake catalogs report earthquakes in 24-hour Universal Time (UT), also known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). How to convert to local time.

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  • Bibliography of Maine Geology - For those interested in more in-depth research, the Bibliography of Maine Geology contains more than 12,000 references related to Maine geology. The Bibliography is part of our publications search site and the results displayed will have links to online Maine Geological Survey maps and publications.

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Last updated on January 14, 2013