Online Statewide Surficial Geology Maps

ordering instructions Printed copies of publications listed below are available for sale. Older publications may not be available online. Use the Maine Geologic Publications Search to identify all printed publications available for sale from the Maine Geological Survey.
  • Simplified Surficial Geologic Map of Maine (PDF, 2.1 Mb) An 11" x 17" color map showing the simplified surficial geology of Maine. Inset map shows maximum ice extent. The map also includes a generalized geologic cross section and block diagrams showing glacial recession in southern Maine. NOTE - This map is online only, there is no printed version.

  • Surficial Geologic Map of Maine (PDF, 5.8Mb) A 42" x 52" color wall map showing the surficial geology of Maine. Includes sites of special interest, radiocarbon-dated sites, reference list, correlation chart, inset map of inferred extent of ice cover during deglaciation.

Last updated on January 9, 2015