Online Surficial Geology Reports

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Catalog No.Description
95-74Late Wisconsinan Glacial Deposits in the Portland-Sebago Lake-Ossipee Valley Region, Southwestern Maine
86-18Ice Flow and Deglaciation: Northwestern Maine
85-83Surficial Geology of the Fish River Lake Quadrangle, Maine
81-7Reconnaissance Surficial Geology of the Bridgewater, Houlton, Howe Brook, and Smyrna Mills Quadrangles, Maine
80-15Reconnaissance Surficial Geology of the Stacyville, Northern Millinocket, Eastern Katahdin, and Northeastern Norcross Quadrangles, Maine
EMGDEnd Moraines and Glaciofluvial Deposits, Cumberland and York Counties, Maine
79-21Preliminary Report on the Surficial Geology of the Sherman, Mattawamkeag Lake, and the Northern Half of the Mattawamkeag and Wytopitlock Quadrangles, Maine
79-17Reconnaissance Surficial Geology of the Sebec, Schoodic, Lincoln, and the Southern Portions of the Jo-Mary Mtn., Norcross, and Millinocket Quadrangles, Maine
76-12Surficial Geologic Map of Mt. Katahdin
75-6Surficial Geology of the Wildlands of the Greenville-Jackman Areas, Maine
74-13Surficial Materials of the Wildlands of Northwestern Maine

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