Online Surficial Geology Maps, Scale 1:250,000

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Catalog No.Quadrangle Name
87-9Bangor   (5.7 Mb)
87-8Bath   (1.7 Mb)
87-18Campbellton   (3.8 Mb)
87-10Eastport   (2.4 Mb)
87-17Edmundston   (4.0 Mb)
87-13Fredericton   (3.3 Mb)
87-7Lewiston   (5.7 Mb)
87-12Millinocket   (4.5 Mb)
87-6Portland   (4.6 Mb)
87-15Presque Isle   (4.0 Mb)
87-14Quebec   (3.4 Mb)
87-11Sherbrooke   (4.2 Mb)
87-16Woodstock   (3.5 Mb)

Last updated on October 13, 2010