Online Sea-Level Rise Reports

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06-14Impacts of Future Sea Level Rise on the Coastal Floodplain

85-76St. Croix Region Crustal Strain Study
85-74Sea-Level Rise and Archaeology in the Damariscotta River
85-73Sea-Level Rise in Passamaquoddy Bay: Archaeology and Sediment Cores
83-9Preliminary Report on Sea-Level Rise in the Damariscotta Estuary, Central Maine Coast
83-8Evidence for Late-Holocene Sea-Level Rise in New England: A Summary of Available Data Derived from Salt Marshes and Other Organic Materials
81-1Evidence for Late Holocene and Recent Sea Level Rise Along Coastal Maine Utilizing Salt Marsh Data
80-34Vertical Crustal Movement in Maine
80-1Investigation of Salt Marsh Stratigraphy as an Indicator of Sea Level Rise in Coastal Maine
79-24Crustal Subsidence in Eastern Maine
79-23Historical Evidence of Sea-Level Change Along the Maine Coast

Last updated on December 17, 2014