Online Bedrock Geology Reports

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Catalog No.Description
92-64Field Relationships, Petrology, Structure, and Intrusion History of the Waldoboro Pluton Granitoid Complex, Maine
92-60Geology of the Saddle Pond-Grand Lake Seboeis Region, North-Central Maine
90-25dProcessing and preliminary interpretation of Bottle Lake seismic reflection data
87-26Bedrock Geology of the Camden Hills Area, Central Coastal Maine
85-72Faulting in the Grand Falls Area, Kellyland 15-Minute Quadrangle, Eastern Maine
84-10The Geology of the Passamaquoddy Bay Area, Maine and New Brunswick
83-7Structural Analysis of the Guilford, Dover-Foxcroft, and Boyd Lake 15-Minute Quadrangles, South-Central Maine
83-6Analysis of Structural Features in Southern Piscataquis County, Maine
81-89Report on Brittle Fracture and Bedrock Mapping in the Bangor-Brooks-Stetson Area of the Bangor 2 degree Quadrangle, Maine
81-3Structural Characteristics of the Northwestern Boundary Fault in Northern Franklin and Somerset Counties
80-36Geologic Structure of the Chain of Ponds Pluton and Vicinity, Northwestern Maine
80-35Report on Bedrock and Brittle Fracture Mapping in the Dover-Foxcroft/Dexter Area, Central Maine
72-1Mesozoic Plutonic Volcanic Rocks of the Newfield Quadrangle, Maine

Last updated on January 9, 2015