Online Bedrock Geology Quadrangle Maps and Reports, Scale 1:62500

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Single Quad Maps

Bangormap (PDF, 1.1Mb)
Big Lakereport and map (PDF, 3.3Mb)
Boyd Lakemap (PDF, 1.0Mb)
Bryant Pondmap (PDF, 1.6Mb)
Buckfieldmap (PDF, 0.9Mb)
Calaisreport and map (PDF, 1.8Mb)
Casco Bay map (PDF, 1.6Mb)
Cherryfieldmap (PDF, 0.5Mb)
Dixfieldmap (PDF, 1.4Mb)
Dover-Foxcroftmap (PDF, 1.0Mb)
Eastport (1:48,000)report and map (PDF, 5.7Mb)
Farmingtonmap (PDF, 1.4Mb)
Freeportmap (PDF, 2.3Mb)
Gardinerreport and map (PDF, 4.0Mb)
Gardner Lakemap (PDF, 1.8Mb)
Great Pondmap (PDF, 0.8Mb)
Guilfordmap (PDF, 1.3Mb)
Kingsburyreport and map (PDF, 2.0Mb)
Lewistonreport and maps (PDF, 14.2Mb)
Livermoremap (PDF, 1.2Mb)
Mattawamkeagreport and maps (PDF, 2.6Mb)
Millinocketreport and maps (PDF, 2.6Mb)
Newfieldreport and map (PDF, 2.3Mb)
Norridgewockmap (PDF, 1.4Mb)
Oquossocreport and map (PDF, 7.0Mb)
Oronomap (PDF, 0.8Mb)
Passadumkeagmap (PDF, 0.7Mb)
Pierce Pondmap (PDF, 2.6 Mb)
Pittsfieldmap (PDF, 0.9Mb)
Polandreport and maps (PDF, 2.5Mb)
Saponacmap (PDF, 1.0Mb)
Schoodicmap (PDF, 0.9Mb)
Sebecmap (PDF, 1.1Mb)
Sebec Lakemap (PDF, 1.2 Mb)
Shermanreport and maps (PDF, 2.6Mb)
Skowheganreport and map (PDF, 3.3Mb)
Spencer Lakereport and map (PDF, 1.5Mb)
Stetsonmap (PDF, 1.7Mb)
The Forksmap (PDF, 1.1Mb)
Wesleymap (PDF, 0.6Mb)

Multiple Quad Maps

Catalog No.Description
94-3Bedrock geology of the Sandy Bay, Penobscot Lake, and Seboomook Lake quadrangles, Maine
  • Quadrangles covered: Sandy Bay, Penobscot Lake, Sebomook Lake
  • map (PDF, 2.2Mb)
91-8Bedrock geology of the Upper St. John River area, Northwestern Maine
  • Quadrangles covered: Allagash, Beaver Pond, Beau Lake, Depot Lake, Little East Lake, Rocky Brook, Rocky Mountain, Seven Islands
  • maps (PDF, 11.0Mb)
90-42Revised bedrock geology of the Danforth, Scraggly Lake, Forest, Waite, Vanceboro, and Kellyland 15' quadrangles, Maine: Report of Mapping Progress, June-August, 1989
90-25bTectonic fabrics of the Passadumkeag River pluton, Bottle Lake Complex, Springfield and Scraggly Lake 15' Quadrangles
87-22Bedrock geology of portions of the North East Carry and Moosehead Lake quadrangles, Maine
87-2Geologic map of the Caribou and Northern Presque Isle 15' quadrangles, Maine
85-85Bedrock geology of the Caucomgomoc Lake area, Maine
  • Quadrangles covered: Allagash Lake, Caucomgomoc Lake, North East Carry, St. John Pond
  • map (PDF, 4.8Mb)
81-45Geology of the northern part of the Buckfield 15' quadrangle and adjoining Dixfield 15' quadrangle, Maine
81-32Bedrock geology of the Bath and Small Point 15' quadrangles, Maine
81-11Bedrock geology of the Machias, Columbia Falls, and Great Wass Island 15' quadrangles, Maine
  • Quadrangles covered: Columbia Falls, Great Wass Island, Machias
  • map (PDF, 3.8Mb)
78-21Geologic map of a portion of Northeastern Aroostook County, Maine
  • Quadrangles covered: Ashland, Caribou, Portage, Presque Isle, Square Lake, Stockholm
  • map (PDF, 7.0Mb)
78-20Bedrock geology of the Ashland 15' quadrangle and the surrounding area, Maine
76-29Preliminary report on the geology of the Liberty 15' quadrangle and adjoining parts of the Burnham, Brooks, Belfast, and Vassalboro quadrangles, Maine

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