Online Bedrock Geology Maps and Reports, Scale 1:250,000

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Catalog No.Description
85-87The Bedrock Geology of the Bath and Portland 2-degree Map Sheets, Maine
82-30Bedrock Geology of the Fredericton 2-degree Quadrangle, Maine
82-29Brittle Fractures in the Eastport 2-degree Sheet, Maine
81-29Bedrock Geology of the Lower Androscoggin Valley-Casco Bay Area, Maine
81-2Bedrock Geology of the State of Maine Portion of the Sherbrooke 2-degree Quadrangle (1980) and Transverse Faults in the East Central Part of the Sherbrooke Quadrangle (1981)
79-25Report on Field Mapping in the Sherbrooke 2-degree Quadrangle, Northwestern Maine

Last updated on December 18, 2014