Forestry Rules of Maine booklet now available

July 1, 2014

The first edition of the Forestry Rules of Maine is currently available in electronic format on the Maine Forest Service website here: A print version of the publication is available to loggers and foresters, and will be distributed by the Forest Policy and Management Division’s District Foresters. A $3 dollar fee will be charged for multiple copies. For multiple copies, contact the Maine Forest Service office in Augusta at 207-287-2791 or (in-state) 1-800-367-0223.

The Forestry Rules of Maine provides a summary for most of the regulations that pertain to forestry in Maine. It was produced through a collaborative effort between the Maine Forest Service, the forest products industry, and the University of Maine. The content was prepared mostly by Maine Forest Service staff with significant input from members of the forestry community. Forester, loggers, and landowners will find the Forestry Rules of Maine to be a useful tool to help navigate the forestry regulations in Maine.