How to Apply


One application must be completed for each job title of interest and submitted to the Bureau of Human Resources, State House Station #4, Augusta, Maine 04333-0004.

Evaluation Process:

Minimum qualifications are established for each job title by the Bureau of Human Resources in conjunction with the employing agencies. You must meet the minimum qualifications before being allowed to go through the examination process. Therefore, it is imperative that applications be complete and accurate. Incomplete applications may be disqualified or returned.

Examination Process:

Once you meet the minimum qualifications, you are eligible to take any necessary tests. Depending on the job title for which you apply, tests may consist of one or more the following: an assessment of your training and experience, a written exam, an oral board exam, a physical fitness test, and performance tests. Specific information about tests is detailed on the Career Opportunity Bulletins. Applicants are notified seven to ten days prior to the scheduled exam. ALL TESTING IS CONDUCTED IN MAINE ONLY. Special accommodations are made for handicapped applicants upon request.

Employment Registers:

Eligibility lists for each classification are comprised of applicants who have successfully completed all phases of the examination process. Scores range from a minimum passing score of 70 to a maximum score of 100. Veterans may be eligible for either 5 or 10 additional points (more information on Veterans' Preference in Maine State Civil Service). (NOTE: It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that information (such as home address and phone number) is kept up-to-date. Outdated information may make it impossible to contact you and may result in the removal of your name from the register.)

Certification to Vacancies:

When a request to fill a vacancy is received, the names of the top six candidates (more if there are tie scores) are sent to the hiring agency. Normal order of referral is:

  1. Employees on lay-off status from Maine State Government
  2. Current employees of the hiring agency
  3. Current Maine State Employees in other hiring agencies
  4. Candidates on reemployment status (former Maine State Employees)
  5. Candidates not currently employed by the State of Maine

State agencies may request other methods of certification, such as by test score only. Additionally, names of qualified handicapped, minority, or female candidates may be certified (applicants must complete the EEO/Affirmative Action tear-off section of the application form in order to be eligible).

Probationary Period:

This is the final part of the employment process. The probationary period is used for closely observing an employee's work performance before permanent status is granted. The duration is usually six months, but may be extended by the appointing authority to no more than 12 months.