Employment Assistance for Spouses and Family Members of Veterans

The State of Maine offers several programs to help spouses of veterans and other family members find employment.

Preferred Employment with State of Maine Jobs

Any veteran candidate who meets the minimum qualifications for a State job is guaranteed an interview, including veterans with an Other Than Honorable discharge. Gold Star spouses are also eligible for the hiring preference.

Connecting Spouses to Employment Opportunities

At all of Maine's Career Centers, there are veteran employment representatives who help vets with all aspects of job searching, such as:

  • Translating your military experience into an effective resume
  • Networking to build your roster of contacts and find job opportunities
  • Presenting your best case in an interview

These services are also available to spouses of veterans who have a 100% Permanent and Total service-connected disability.  If you are an eligible spouse, you can find your nearest veteran employment representative here.