Homeless Veterans Services

Please see below a list of programs for homeless veterans, including reduced-cost housing and supportive services.  Please visit our Resources page for more information about veteran-specific homeless services in Maine.

To contact the Maine Bureau of Veterans’ Services Homeless Veterans Team call Jarad Greeley at 207-699-7186 (cell) or 207-430-6036 (office) or email jarad.greeley@maine.gov or call his Assistant Rebeca LaBonte at 207- 446-0168 or email Rebecca.LaBonte@maine.gov

To download an application for the Veterans’ Homelessness Prevention Coordination Program, please click here.

The Bureau's Homeless Veterans Coordinator works alongside our partnering agencies every day to reduce the number of homeless veterans across the state. In an effort to continue that progress, the Legislature created the Veterans' Homelessness Prevention Coordination Program. The program will provide ongoing funding for reimbursements to a human services-based volunteer organization that provides transitional housing to veterans who are homeless. In the next few months, the Bureau will be working to implement the program.