December 14, 2017

FY2018 Adaptive Sports Grant Update

FY2018 Adaptive Sports Grant Update

The FY2018 Adaptive Sports Grant (ASG) has been authorized and funded for the FY2018 ASG application cycle; however, due to one particularly significant uncertain factor, we have held off on updates to avoid any misinformation or confusion. Since 2018 is almost here, the following information is provided to help us plan for the FY2018 ASG application and award process and improve adaptive sport activities nationwide for disabled Veterans and disabled Servicemembers. Enjoy the holidays and have a Happy New Year!

ASG Extension through FY2019: In September 2017, Public Law 115-62 extended authorization for the Adaptive Sports Grant program, as well as the Monthly Assistance Allowance for Disabled Veterans Training in Paralympic [and Olympic] Sports, not only through FY2018, but also FY2019. Therefore, the ASG application process is authorized for the next two years. Retirement of PDF Legacy Application Package: On December 31, will discontinue the use of the downloadable .pdf package for submitting grant applications. Therefore, all future ASG applications will have to be submitted through the online application creation and submission processes. updated videos on their new process at the following site:

Reminder of Registration Requirements: ASG applicants must have current registration in Duns & Bradstreet for a D-U-N-S Number (, the System for Award Management (SAM) for a Commercial and Government Entity Code (CAGE) (, and Grants.Gov with a current E-Business Point of Contact that will be submitting the application. Every year there are ASG applicants that experience significant difficulties or fail to submit successfully due to not maintaining current registration and user information. Verify your status early and be prepared.

Continuity of ASG Application Process: Currently, the processes and forms for the FY2017 ASG application cycle are posted on the Adaptive Sports Grant Program webpage ( There is no initiatives to change the ASG authorizing legislation (38 U.S.C. 521) nor the regulation (38 CFR Part 77) and the forms and other processes should remain basically the same. Therefore, if you review the FY2017 ASG documentation, it should prepare you well for the FY2018 ASG application process.

Equine Assisted Activities & Therapy Amendment (EAAT): In the Make America Secure Appropriations Act, an amendment currently exists to augment FY2018 funding in the FY2018 ASG program by $5.0 million; however, this is only an amendment and is not authorization of appropriations which would require it to be retained throughout the entire legislative process. Therefore, organizations considering programs for FY2018 ASG applications should be aware of this amendment, but it may never become law or may be significantly modified in the legislative process. We will provide an update when we have actual information on the final status of this current amendment and any other changes that may affect the FY2018 ASG program. Also, as currently written, the EAAT amendment increases funding for the ASG program in order to fund these programs and therefore would not decrease funds for non-EAAT programs.

FY2018 ASG Application Submission Timeline: Due to the many factors associated with submission, vetting, review and selection of Adaptive Sport Grants, VA will issue the FY2018 ASG Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) as early as possible and plans for a similar timeframe as the FY2017 ASG cycle: a 60-day application period in February-April 2018. However, the EAAT amendment in the Make America Secure Appropriations Act could have significant effects on how the VA must evaluate and award FY2018 ASG applications, because the amendment focuses on EAAT programs. Therefore, there may be a delay in the application submission dates if the situation warrants it.