July 19, 2017

Conference Seeks to Connect Maine Veterans and Military Families to Services



Conference Seeks to Connect Maine Veterans and Military Families to Services

AUGUSTA, ME (July 19, 2017) – The Maine Military & Community Network (MMCN) is hosting their 7th annual conference on Thursday, July 20 at the Augusta Civic Center. The focus of this year’s conference is Bringing Veterans, Military Families, and Support Services together.

MMCN is a statewide network of services and concerned citizens who want to help service members, veterans and their families overcome challenges unique to their experiences. To that end, the conference is designed to provide insight on topical issues, such as substance abuse, sexual trauma, and family legal matters, and connect veterans and military families to available resources. More than 300 veterans, behavioral health providers, non-profit leaders and others are expected to attend.

Keynote speakers include Vice Admiral Raquel Bono and Dr. John Wesley Fisher. Vice Admiral Bono is the Director, Defense Health Agency (DHA), Defense Health Headquarters, Falls Church, VA. She will be speaking on drugs in the Military and what’s being done to combat the issue. Dr. Fisher is a Vietnam Combat Veteran, author of “The war after the war,” and will speak on his research and practice of natural methods for post-war reconciliation.

Breakout sessions have been organized to facilitate discussions on women veterans, moral injury, coping with deployment in the family, sexual trauma, and family legal matters. More information about the conference, including a full agenda and descriptions of breakout sessions can be found online at https://goo.gl/wMrdZB.

At the close of the Conference, attendees will visit Maine’s first-ever exhibition of the Vietnam Graffiti Project, an installation of raw and powerful drawings created by soldiers and Marines as they were transported on the Walker troopship to Vietnam.

Media is encouraged to attend to help raise awareness of these topical issues and available resources.

WHAT: 7th annual Maine Military & Community Network Conference: Bringing Veterans, Military Families, and Support Services together

WHO: Members of the Maine Military & Community Network; Vice Admiral Raquel Bono; Dr. John Wesley Fisher; Maine Veterans and Military Families

WHEN: 8am – 4pm, Thursday, July 20, 2017

WHERE: Augusta Civic Center, Augusta, Maine

EVENT INFO: https://goo.gl/wMrdZB

MEDIA CONTACTS: For Vice Admiral Bono – Kevin Dwyer, Chief of Media Operations, Defense Health Agency, 703-681-1770 or kevin.j.dwyer10.civ@mail.mil.

Laura Allen, Veteran Outreach Specialist, Maine Bureau of Veterans’ Services at Laura.e.allen@maine.gov or 207-446-0168