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Rule Chapters for the Department of the Secretary of State

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29  250
Office of the Secretary of State
Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Bureau of Corporations, Elections and Commissions

29  255
Maine State Archives
94  591
Motor Carrier Review Board


Office of the Secretary of State 
Ch. 900   Rules for the Administration of the Address Confidentiality Program
Ch. 950   Rules Governing the Use of Digital Signatures

Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Ch. 1     Rules for Administrative Suspension Relating to Demerit Point Accumulation,
          Convictions and Adjudications
Ch. 2     Rules for Administrative Hearings
Ch. 3     Physical, Emotional and Mental Competence to Operate a Motor Vehicle
Ch. 4     Driver License Examination
Ch. 6     Rules for the Suspension of Commercial Drivers Licenses
Ch. 7     Rules for the Suspension of Licenses for Failure to Comply with Child Support Orders
Ch. 8     Rules for Ignition Interlock Devices
          Attachment: Model Specifications for Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices
Ch. 9     Rules Governing Driver Education
Ch. 10    Rule Implementing the Federal Driver's Privacy Protection Act
Ch. 11    Rules Governing Motorcycle Rider Education
Ch. 12    Rules Governing the Sale of Records and Databases Related to
          Driver History, Driver Licenses and Motor Vehicles
Ch. 13    Rules Governing Driver's License Restrictions
Ch. 14    Rules of the Maine Motor Vehicle Franchise Board
Ch. 15    Rules Governing Acceptable Documents to Establish Legal Presence
Ch. 16    Rules for the Collection of driver's License Reinstatement Fees
Ch. 100   Establishment of Renewal Agent Service Fees
          (for the Renewal of Digital Operator's Licenses)
Ch. 102   Title to Motor Vehicles
Ch. 103   Rules for Vehicle Dealers, Auctions, Transporters, Recyclers,
          Mobile Crushers, and Loaners
Ch. 104   Maine Used Car Information Act Sticker Rule
          Appendix D, Used Vehicle Buyer's Guide Form (in Adobe .pdf format)
Ch. 105   Grievance Procedures for the Handicapped
Ch. 108   Automobile Manufacturer or Distributor License
Ch. 109   Rule Establishing the Fee for Special Legislative Motorcycle Registration Plates
Ch. 110   Non-Governmental Registration Agent and Resident Agent Requirements
Ch. 151   Rules Governing Enforcement of the Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax
Ch. 153   Rules Governing the Operation of Motor Intrastate
          Carriers of Passengers for Hire
Ch. 155   Permits for Non-Divisible, Oversized, and Overweight Combination Vehicles
          Engaged in Interstate Commerce
Ch. 156   Fee Structure for Over Dimensional and Overweight Loads,
          along with State Police Escort Fee
Ch. 157   The Administration of Over Dimension and Overweight Permits
Ch. 158   Administration of Trailer Transit Plates
Ch. 159   Rules Governing the Administration of the Permanent, 
          Semipermanent Semitrailer Registration Programs
Ch. 162   The Administration of the International Registration Plan
Ch. 164   The Administration of Overweight Oceangoing Container (OGC) Permits
Ch. 165   The Administration of the International Fuel Tax Agreement
          and the Intrastate Fuel Tax Program
Ch. 168   Administration of USDOT Numbers for Certain Intrastate Motor Carriers
Ch. 169   The Administration of the Performance and Registration
          Information System Management (PRISM) Program (5.2 megabytes)
Ch. 170   Permitting Commercial Vehicles at Canadian Weight Limits to Travel
          from Designated Points at the Canadian Border to Baileyville,
          Madawaska, and Van Buren
Ch. 171   The Administration of the Unified Carrier Registration Agreement
Ch. 172   Rules Covering the Issuance of Vanity Registration Plates
Ch. 173   Rules for the Sale, Purchase, Removal, Transport, and Disposal 
          of Catalytic Converters
Ch. 190   Rule for the Administration of Experimental Vehicle Registration

Bureau of Corporations, Elections and Commissions
Ch. 200   Rules for the Use of Expedited Services in Corporations
Ch. 201   Rules for the Sale of Publications in Corporations
Ch. 240   Rules for Limited Liability Partnerships under Title 31, Chapter 15
Ch. 250   Rules for Business Corporations under Title 13-C
Ch. 260   Rules for Nonprofit Corporations under Title 13-B
Ch. 270   Rules for Limited Partnerships under Title 31, Chapter 19
Ch. 280   Rules for Marks Registered under Title 10, Chapter 301-A
Ch. 290   Rules for Limited Liability Companies Under Title 31, Chapter 13
Ch. 401   Administrative Rules for Uniform Commercial Code, Title 11, Article 9-A
Ch. 502   Rules Governing the Conduct and Procedures for Election Recounts,
          in Election Contests Determined by Plurality
Ch. 505   Voter List Maintenance Procedures
Ch. 510   Administrative Complaint Procedure for Title III of the Help America
          Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA)
Ch. 520   Rules Regarding Publication of Public Comments on Statewide Referenda
Ch. 525   Rules for Administering the Central Issuance and Processing of
          UOCAVA Absentee Ballots
Ch. 535   Rules Governing the Administration of Elections Determined 
          by Ranked-choice Voting
Ch. 536   Rules Establishing Procedures for Requesting and Conducting Recounts
          of Elections Determined by Ranked-choice Voting
Ch. 550   Rules for Determining Voter Intent
Ch. 700   Rules Governing Notaries Public, Notarial Officers, Notarial Acts and
          the Procedures for Electronic and Remote Notarization
Ch. 720   Rules Governing the Licensing of Marriage Officiants who are Authorized
          to Solemnize Marriages in Maine
Ch. 800   Procedures for the Electronic Filing of Rules

29  255   Maine State Archives
Ch. 1     State and Local Government Agency Records Programs
Ch. 2     State Records Center Facilities and Services
Ch. 3     Imaging State Records
Ch. 4     Rules for the Public Use of Materials and Facilities in the Maine State Archives
Ch. 10    Rules for Disposition of Local Government Records (repealed effective January 2, 2019)

29  295   Board of Commercial Driver Education
(Note: This board has been discontinued and its chapters have been repealed.
For the current rule on this subject, see 29-250 Chapter 9.)

Motor Carrier Review Board (REPEALED effective June 16, 2020)