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Tax Information

  • Tax and Fee Changes Affecting State and Local Tax Burden
    • 126th Legislature, 2nd Regular Session (PDF)
    • 126th Legislature, 1st Regular Session (PDF)
    • 125th Legislature, 2nd Regular Session (PDF)
    • 125th Legislature, 1st Regular Session (PDF)
    • 124th Legislature, 2nd Regular Session (PDF)
    • 124th Legislature, 1st Regular Session (PDF)
    • 123rd Legislature, 2nd Regular and 1st Special Sessions (PDF)
    • 123rd Legislature, 1st Regular Session (PDF)
    • 122nd Legislature, 2nd Regular Session (PDF)
    • 122nd Legislature, 1st Regular and 1st Special Sessions (PDF)
  • Tax Burden Analysis

    I.    Introduction
    II.   Methodology
    III.  Historical Tax Growth and Projections
    IV.   Spending Limits and Effect of LD 1 on Tax Burden
    V.    Structural Gaps and Risks to Tax Burden Projections

    Graphs (PDF)
    Graph A - State and Local Taxes as a % of Personal Income
    Graph B - State and Local Taxes Per Capita
    Graph C - State and Local Taxes Per Capita (adjusted for inflation)
    Graph D - State and Local Tax Mix

    Appendices (PDF)
    A.  State and Local Tax Data - History and Projections
    B.  Fiscal Year 2002 State and Local Tax Data - Census vs. OFPR
    C.  Bureau of Census Definition of Taxes
    D.  Historical Analysis and Projections of Local Resources

  • Municipal Revenue Sharing - Overview and History (PDF)