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Municipal Funding Report

The Office of Fiscal and Program Review annually publishes a Summary of
Major State Funding Disbursed to Municipalities and Counties.


Complete Report (PDF)

Introduction (PDF)
Summary Table (PDF)
Summary Graphs (PDF)
Exhibit A - Transportation Funding (PDF)
Exhibit B - General Assistance (PDF)
Exhibit C - Education Funding (PDF)
Exhibit D - Revenue Sharing (PDF)
Exhibit E - Property Tax Reimbursement (PDF)
Exhibit F - Natural Resource Agencies (PDF)
Exhibit G - Criminal Justice (PDF)
Exhibit H - Economic Development (PDF)
Exhibit I - Emergency & Disaster Assistance (PDF)
Appendix A - Tax Reimbursement to Individuals and Businesses (PDF)


A hard copy of the report is available in the Office of Fiscal and Program Review, Room 226, State House.