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Cyber Intel Advisory:
Bombing Is Being Used to Disseminate Malware and Conduct Financial Fraud
16 April 2013

Integrated Intelligence Center
Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center
William F. Pelgrin, President and CEO

The Risk: The bombing of the Boston Marathon, 15 April 2013, does not just mean an increased threat level across the country and globe, but includes new and recycled Internet scams. Major events tend to attract malicious individuals who use the event for their gain.

The Threats: Internet watch groups and cyber security experts have already identified multiple fake domains/websites, and charity efforts taking advantage of the Boston Marathon bombing. Based on previous tragedies, more scams will follow in the coming days. Internet users need to apply a critical eye and conduct due diligence before clicking links, visiting websites, or making donations.

The Action: Users should adhere to the following guidelines when reacting to large news events, including news associated with the Boston Marathon bombing, and solicitations for donations: