Case No. 96-06
                                        Issued:  May 13, 1996
                Complainant,   )
            v.                 )              CONSENT ORDER
DEPARTMENT,                    )
                Respondent.    )

     On November 1, 1995, Teamsters Union Local 340 (Teamsters)
filed a prohibited practice complaint with the Maine Labor
Relations Board (Board) against the Washington County Sheriff's
Department (Sheriff's Department).  The complaint alleges that
Part-Time Corrections Officer Ronald Cameron was dismissed for
having claimed rights accruing to unit and union members under
the parties' collective bargaining agreement; including the right
to have union dues automatically deducted, to have pay and
benefits calculated in accordance with the collective bargaining
agreement and to file grievances.

     The Teamsters allege that these actions on the part of the
Sheriff's Department interfered with, restrained or coerced
employees in the exercise of guaranteed rights, in violation of
the Municipal Employees Labor Relations Law (MPELRL), 26 M.R.S.A.
 964(1)(A) (1988) ; and discouraged membership in the Teamsters
by discrimination with regard to hire, tenure of employment or
terms or conditions of employment, in violation of 26 M.R.S.A.
 964(1)(B) (1988).

      The Sheriff's Department denies that it violated the MPELRL
beause, as a part-time corrections officer, Cameron was not
covered under the recognition clause of the collective bargaining
agreement; and because Cameron was terminated for falsifying his
employment application and for dishonesty during the Department's


investigation of the falsification.

     Prior to the start of the hearing on April 30, 1996, the
parties participated in settlement discussion facilitated by
Board Counsel, M. Wayne Jacobs.  The parties reached settlement
as a result of this discussion and agreed to the issuance of a
Board Consent Order incorporating the terms of their agreement.
Jacobs read Rule 4.09(C) of the Rules and Procedures of the Board
to Cameron, and ascertained that Cameron understood his rights to
refrain from joining in the settlement agreement and to proceed
individually.  The parties' representatives and Cameron all
separately reviewed the terms of the agreement.  Cameron chose to
join in the settlement and along with the parties signed a
written agreement containing the terms of the settlement.

     The terms of the parties' agreement are verbatim as follows:

                         SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT

          The Teamsters, the Washington County Sheriff's Department
     and Ronald Cameron agree as follows:

          The basis for this Settlement is the parties, mutual desire
     to avoid the adversarial process, the risk and expense of
     litigation, to enhance and further their working relationship,
     and to fully and finally settle their differences in regard to
     these charges.  The parties agree to the issuance of a consent
     order by the Maine Labor Relations Board granting withdrawal of
     the complaint with prejudice in Board Case No. 96-06, based upon
     the parties' agreement set forth verbatim as follows:

          1.  Ronald Cameron (Cameron) will be employed as a
     Correctional Officer (CO) by Washington County Sheriff's
     Department (County) for as many hours as are worked on average,
     over the course of a quarter (3 months), by the top four most-
     used regularly scheduled part-time Washington County Sheriff's
     Department's CO's (who have not limited the number of hours which
     they are available to work), up to a maximum of 32 hours per

          2.  It is the policy of Sheriff John Crowley and the
     Washington County Sheriff's Department to terminate anyone who
     falsifies documents, makes false official statements, or who
     otherwise violates the policies on dishonesty or falsification
     contained in the Washington County Sheriff's Department's
     Personnel Manual.

          3.  Mr. Cameron agrees and understands that, in
     consideration of the terms and conditions in this Settlement
     Agreement, he waives, releases and settles all claims of any
     nature whatsoever, including but not limited to claims of


     discrimination, wage payments, breach of contract, tort,
     or any and all other claims, arising from or related to the facts
     giving rise to the charges in MLRB Case No. 96-06 and any and all
     other claims arising from or related to his employment or
     termination of employment by Washington County Sheriff's
     Department up to and through the date of execution of this
     Agreement, that he has, claims to have, or believes he has,
     whether known or unknown, against the Washington County Sheriff's
     Department, Washington County, or any employee, officer, agent or
     official of the Washington County Sheriff's Department or
     Washington County, in either their official or individual

          4.  Mr. Cameron and Teamsters Union Local 340 agree to
     withdraw the charges in MLRB Case No. 96-06 and agree not to re-
     file these charges.

          5.  Mr. Cameron must produce a medical certificate saying he
     can perform the duties of his CO position, including driving,
     prior to May 6, 1996, the date upon which he will begin work
     pursuant to this agreement.

          6.  Mr. Cameron will submit to Sheriff John Crowley a
     written statement, acceptable to Sheriff Crowley, concerning his
     representations regarding past employment on employment
     applications he has submitted.

          7.  Mr. Cameron agrees and acknowledges that any future
     conduct that is determined to be dishonesty or falsification of
     records or deliberate misrepresentation will be grounds for his
     immediate termination.

     Read, understood, agreed to and signed at Augusta, Maine, this
     30th day of April, 1996, by:

     Ronald Cameron

     Carl A. Guignard, Business Agent for
     Teamsters Union Local 340

     Linda D. McGill, Attorney for Washington
     County Sheriff's Department

     Pursuant to the provisions of 26 M.R.S.A.  968(5)(B)
(1988) and Board Rule 4.09, the Maine Labor Relations Board
adopts the terms of the parties' Settlement Agreement as its
order in this case and issues this Consent Order.  Except to the
extent to which the Board retains jurisdiction to assure the
parties' compliance with the terms of their settlement agreement,


we hereby grant the requested withdrawal and DISMISS the
complaint.  See 26 M.R.S.A.  968(5)(D) (1988).

Issued at Augusta, Maine, this 13th day of May, 1996.

                                      MAINE LABOR RELATIONS BOARD

                                      Peter T. Dawson

                                      Gwendolyn Gatcomb
                                      Employee Representative

                                      Karl Dornish, Jr.
                                      Alternate Employer Vpresentative