Case No. 94-IR-01
                                      Issued:  December 6, 1993
CITY OF BANGOR,                    )
                Petitioner,        )
          and                      )    DECISION DENYING PETITION
                                   )     FOR INTERPRETIVE RULING
LOCAL 772, IAFF, AFL-CIO-CLC,      )
                Bargaining Agent.  )

     On September 16, 1993, the City of Bangor filed a request
for interpretive ruling with the Maine Labor Relations Board
(Board), pursuant to 26 M.R.S.A.  968(3) (1988) and Board Rule
7.09, requesting that the Board reconsider that portion of its
August 9, 1993, Decision and Order which ordered that:

     3.  The City must reimburse Firefighters represented
         by the Association, with interest, for any addi-
         tional post-expiration expenditures for HMO or
         traditional insurance coverage which employees
         have made as a result of the uncontemplated
         reduction of total traditional health insurance
         costs and the City's contribution thereto.

     On August 25, 1993, the City appealed the Board's Decision
and Order to the Superior Court in accordance with 26 M.R.S.A.
 968(5)(F) (Supp. 1992).  In that appeal the City requests the
Court "reverse and modify" the Board's order, "affirm the City's
actions regarding employee contribution towards the cost of their
health insurance, order the MLRB to defer to said arbitration
award . . . and grant such other ruling as [the] Court deems

     Although the Board possesses the inherent authority to
reconsider its decisions and orders in appropriate circumstances,
the issues requested to be reconsidered here concern matters now


pending judicial review.  Moreover, the petition does not request
detemination of prospective rights, obligations or liabilities
of the parties which have not already been specified in the
Board's Decision and Order.  See Rule 7.09.

     Accordingly, the City's Petition must be and hereby is
Issued this 6th day of December, 1993.

                                MAINE LABOR RELATIONS BOARD

                                Peter T. Dawson

                                George W. Lambertson
                                Employee Representative

                                Eben B. Marsh
                                Alternate Employer Representative