STATE OF MAINE                                  MAINE LABOR RELATIONS BOARD
						Case No. 92-09

ASSOCIATION,                       )
		   Complainant,    )
	      v.                   )             CONSENT ORDER           
CITY OF HALLOWELL,                 )
		   Respondent.     )

     Complainant Hallowell Public Works Employee Association ("Association")
and Respondent City of Hallowell ("City"), in settlement of the above-
captioned prohibited practices case, agree to the following:

     1.  That by the close of business on Monday, December 23, 1991, the
Association will provide to the City's representive, Ronald E. Colby, III,
Esquire, the Association's proposal for a comprehensive collective
bargaining agreement for the Hallowell Public Works Bargaining Unit.

     2.  That by the close of business on Wednesday, January 8, 1992, Mr.
Colby will provide to the Association's representative, Rodney G. Pierce,
the City's counterproposal for said agreement.

     3.  That on Monday, January 13, 1992, at 9:00 a.m., Mr. Pierce and Mr.
Colby will meet at Mr. Colby's offices for the purpose of determining what
issues are outstanding and therefore will be submitted to a mediator for
resolution. At that time, they will prepare a joint request for mediation
for submission to the Maine Labor Relations Board. They will also attempt
to complete a set of ground rules for negotiations.

     4.  That during negotiations for the collective bargaining agreement,
the parties' negotiators will be Rodney G. Pierce on behalf of the
Association and the Hallowell Personnel Committee on behalf of the City.
The negotiators will be vested with sufficient knowledge, guidelines and
authority to reach final tentative agreement. The principal parties --
the members of the Public Works Bargaining Unit for the Association and the
Hallowell City Council for the City -- reserve the right of ratification.


     5.  That the Association voluntarily withdraws its complaint.

On Behalf of Hallowell Public           On Behalf of City of Hallowell
Works Employee Association


/s/__________________________           /s/___________________________
   Rodney G. Pierce                     Ronald E. Colby, III, Esquire
   Bargaining Agent                     Colby & Lanzilotta, P.A.

Date:  12/16/91                         Date: 12/16/91

     The Prehearing Officer incorporates the parties' agreement as her
Prehearing Conference Memorandum and Order in this case.

Dated at Augusta, Maine, this 27th day of December, 1991.


					Pamela D. Chute
					Alternate Chair