STATE OF MAINE                                MAINE LABOR RELATIONS BOARD
                                              Case No. 87-06
                                              Issued:  March 17, 1987
M.S.A.D. #33 EDUCATION (Teachers)   )
ASSOCIATION,                        )
                      Complainant,  )
                v.                  )
                                    )               CONSENT ORDER
GARFIELD KING, Superintendent,      )
               and                  )
                      Respondents.  )

     Complainant having filed its complaint, and Respondents having
filed their counterclaim, and each party denying the allegations of
the other, the parties, without admission of liability, agree:

     1.  The parties will meet with Joseph Stupak, acting as a
         mutually agreed upon mediator, said meeting to take
         place on April 4, 1987 at Keddy's conference room in
         Presque Isle, the participants at said meeting to be
         limited to the mediator and not more than five persons
         representing each party, not more than one "outside"
         representative for each party ("outside" means persons
         other than SAD 33 Board members, superintendent,
         teachers), said meeting to last from 9:30 a.m. to not
         later than 4:00 p.m., the Board to be represented by
         at least three Board members.  The purpose of the
         meeting is to fully consult per meet and consult
         requirements of Maine law regarding the length of
         school day policy in SAD 33.  Any subsequent meetings
         to be by agreement of the parties and mediator.

     2.  After said meeting or after any mutually agreed
         subsequent meet and consult meetings, the Board will
         meet and take action at a Board meeting with respect
         to the length of the school day at SAD 33.

     3.  Impact bargaining will then ensue between the parties
         respecting impact issues related to the length of the
         school day as to the 1986-87 school year and as to
         impact resulting from School Board action per item (2)


     4.  If the foregoing meetings and sessions do not resolve
         the issues in controversy by June 10, 1987, either party
         may request that the Maine Labor Relations Board reopen
         proceedings associated with the complaint and counterclaim,
         which, until then, will remain in abeyance.

Dated:  March 17, 1987.

SAD 33 Board of Directors                SAD 33 Education Association

/s/___________________________           /s/_____________________________
Its Chairman                             Its President


     The Board hereby approves the provisions of the foregoing
     Consent Order.

Dated:  March 17, 1987.

                                  MAINE LABOR RELATIONS BOARD

                                  Edward S. Godfrey

                                  Thacher E. Turner
                                  Employer Representative

                                  George W. Lambertson
                                  Employee Representative