STATE OF MAINE                                     MAINE LABOR RELATIONS BOARD
                                                   Case No. 82-25
                                                   Issued:  April 14, 1982

TOWN OF LIMESTONE,                     )
                     Complainant,      )
        v.                             )
                                       )                    ORDER
LIMESTONE UNIT, LOCAL 220,             )
                      Respondents.     )

     The following unanimous oral order was directed by the members of the
Maine Labor Relations Board meeting in Augusta on March 31, 1982 in the
presence of the parties:
          "CHAIRMAN KEITH: Complainants have rested, and the respondent
           moves to dismiss.  The Board has reviewed the exhibits, con-
           sidered the evidence that's been presented so far, and
           respondent's motion to dismiss is granted.  The Board does
           not find evidence of bad faith bargaining or surface bar-
           gaining on the part of the union in this matter.  The Board
           was also of the opinion that the union in fact did comply
           with the technical requirements of the ground rule, which
           we read to say that before a mediation session is held
           pursuant to the statute, that the parties will sit down
           and attempt among themselves to resolve their differences
           before going into the mediation session.  The evidence
           indicates that such a meeting was held on the 23d of March,
           the day before the scheduled mediation session.  The evidence
           would indicate that initially the union took the position
           that they were only there because of the 10-day notice,
           and the complainants indicate they believe the union's
           position in coming was that they did not have to do any-
           thing other than show up.  But I think the evidence is
           clear that in fact the union did proceed to negotiate and
           in fact made some movement at that March 23 meeting.
           I think that's the end of what I want to say with regard
           to our ruling."



     On the basis of the foregoing, and by virtue of and pursuant to the
powers granted to the Maine Labor Relations Board by the provisions of 26
M.R.S.A. Sec. 968(5), it is hereby ORDERED:

          That the Town of Limestone's prohibited practices complaint
          in this proceeding is hereby dismissed.

Dated at Augusta , Maine this 14th day of April, 1982.

                                       MAINE LABOR RELATIONS BOARD

                                       Edward H. Keith

                                       Don R. Ziegenbein
                                       Employer Representative

                                       Harold S. Noddin
                                       Alternate Employee Representative

     The parties are advised of their right pursuant to 26 M.R.S.A. 
968(5)(F) to seek review of this decision by the Superior Court by filing a
complaint in accordance with Rule 80B of the Rules of Civil Procedure within
15 days after receipt of this decision.