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Biking & Walking in Maine

Whether walking to get the mail, biking to school or work, or simply walking or biking around the block, many of us are pedestrians or bicyclists at some point during our day. Some people walk or bike for recreation, to save money, or to reduce pollution. Others walk or bike because they do not or cannot drive. This includes our children and many of our elderly. Itís important for communities to recognize this and to give people the opportunity to walk and bike efficiently and most importantly, safely.

What's New

Explore this website to learn more about walking and biking in Maine. You may also want to check out our Explore Maine website for detailed information on our bike loop tours around Maine.

Success Reports

Check out our Annual Success Reports to learn more about what we do.

Benefits of Walking & Biking

  • Walking and biking promote healthy living, efficient transportation, and vibrant communities.
  • Bicycle and pedestrian friendly communities are magnets for tourism and economic development. They reap the rewards of:
    • increased retail sales,
    • enhanced safety,
    • reduced noise and air pollution,
    • less congestion, and
    • less wear and tear on roads.
  • Not to mention people are happier and healthier!

In summary, bicycle and pedestrian connections improve Maineís quality of life and contribute positively to the health, social cohesiveness, safety, economic vitality and quality of entire communities and regions. Perhaps itís time to start making our communities more walkable, bikeable, and livable.

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