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Fiscal Note Process

The Office of Fiscal and Program Review has prepared a publication during the 124th Legislature titled "THE FISCAL NOTE PROCESS: AN OVERVIEW" (PDF-1.36 MB) which provides detail on the fiscal note process, including information on the Special Appropriations Table, state mandates, revenue recognition and information to help state departments and agencies prepare fiscal estimates on pending legislation.

Fiscal Estimate Form (Excel 2010) for State Department or Agency Use



Purpose of Fiscal Notes

Fiscal Note Prepartion

Types of Fiscal Impacts Described in Fiscal Notes

Form and Distribution of Fiscal Notes


Appendix A - Special Appropriations Table, Special Highway Table and Special Study Table

Appendix B - Fiscal Notes and Cost Estimates for State Mandates

Appendix C - A Brief Explanation of the "State Mandate" Law

Appendix D - Role of Fiscal Notes in Revenue Recognition

Appendix E - Sample Fiscal Notes

Appendix F - Guidelines for Department/Agency Fiscal Estimate Preparation

Appendix G - Suggested Form for Department/Agency Fiscal Estimate Preparation