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Office of Fiscal and Program Review
5 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0005
Room 226, State House 
Phone: 207-287-1635
Fax: 207-287-6469

Staff Assignments by Policy Committee

Staff Assignments by Department or Agency

Chris Nolan
DirectorChristopher W. Nolan

Maureen Dawson
Principal AnalystMaureen S. Dawson 
Appropriations Committee Lead Staff
Principal AnalystMarc A. Cyr 
Fiscal Note Coordinator




Legislative AnalystAlexandra E. Avore
Fiscal Areas 
Criminal Justice
Health and Human Services 
State and Local Government


Senior Legislative AnalystJulie Jones 
Taxation Committee Lead Staff
Legislative AnalystJames Robbins 
Fiscal Areas 
Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry
 Environment and Natural Resources 
Inland Fisheries & Wildlife
Marine Resources 
Utilities and Energy
Legal & Veterans Affairs

Legislative Analyst:Luke Lazure
Fiscal Areas
Health and Human Services 
Insurance and Financial Services

Suzanne Roy
Legislative AnalystSuzanne N. Voynik 
Fiscal Areas 

Public Safety
State and Local Government 
Transportation Committee Staff for Highway Fund Budget

Rachel B. Tremblay
Legislative AnalystRachel B. Tremblay
Fiscal Areas
Labor, Commerce, Research and Economic Development
Educational and Cultural Affairs
Senior SecretaryCandace Wells
Secretary/AFA ClerkMarianne MacMaster