Occupational Safety and Health Data Collection and Injury Prevention Work Group

  • September 21, 2005:


Occupational Safety and Health Data Collection and Injury Prevention Work Group


Bureau of Labor Standards First Floor Training Room September 21, 2005 9:30 – 11:30 A.M.

Present: Bill Peabody, Chair (Maine Department of Labor), Gary Baxter (Maine Employers Mutual Insurance Company), Brad Brown (Maine Bureau of Insurance), Brian Doe (Hannaford), Peter Doran (Maine Occupational Research Agenda), Jeff Levesque (Workers’ Compensation Board), Kim Lim (Maine Department of Labor), Al May (Bureau of Health), John Rioux (Maine Department of Labor), Dave Wacker (Maine Department of Labor), and Leslie Walleigh (Workplace Health).

Absent:) Denise Dumont (US HealthWorks), Carol Grenier (Cannon Cochran Management Services, Inc.), Steve Minkowsky (Workers’ Compensation Board), Louise Morang (Maine Association of Occupational Nurses), Vanessa Santarelli (Maine Department of Labor), Saskia Janes (Maine Public Health Association), Stefanie LaRose (Canon Cochran Management Services, Inc.), and Pat Philbrook (Maine State Nurses Association).

Staff: Ted Bradstreet (Maine Department of Labor) & Terry Hathaway (Maine Department of Labor).

Guest: Ann Beaulieu (Maine Department of Labor)

Bill Peabody opened the meeting of the Occupational Safety and Health Data Collection and Injury Prevention Work Group at 9:43 A.M.

Approval of August 17, 2005 Minutes. Gary Baxter made a motion to approve the minutes of August 17, 2005. Brian Doe seconded the motion. The minutes were unanimously approved.

Draft Report – Bill Peabody. The Draft Report had been e-mailed to the work group. Several members of the group were not able to open the attachment. A hard copy was handed out and reviewed. Recommendations suggested by Leslie Walleigh, Jeff Levesque, and Brad Brown will be incorporated. Another draft will be sent to the work group within a couple of days via e-mail.

Work Group Membership. Bill stated that OSHA still has not settled on a permanent area director. Dave informed the group that an area director will be chosen after October and it will be someone “in the system”. Also, Ralph Tucker has informally resigned. Bill and Vanessa Santarelli are trying to find a labor person for the work group.

Subcommittee Organization. Bill handed out a list of those who had signed up for the two subcommittees, Data and Prevention. Those who have not signed up, may do so at any time. In addition to the Chair of each subcommittee, there will be a co-chair, not a Department of Labor person. Suggested additions should be up to Chairs or could be ad hoc. The following is the current list:

Data: Al May, Chair; Gary Baxter, Carol Grenier/Stephanie LaRose, and John Rioux. Suggested additions: Steve Minkowsky, Bill Newkirk, & Jonathan Lopez.

Prevention: Dave Wacker, Chair; Brad Brown, Peter Doran, Saskia Janes, Louise Morang, Brian Doe, and Leslie Walleigh. Suggested additions: Steve Minkowsky and Dan Cote.

Bill will be working with the Chairs to come up with a paragraph for each group regarding their expectations. This will be developed fairly quickly and a draft will be handed out to folks in a reasonable amount of time.

The subcommittees are scheduled to meeting from 8:30 to 10:00 AM on the morning of each regularly scheduled meeting of the work group. The Data subcommittee will meet in the First Floor Training Room (the same room as the work group); the Prevention subcommittee will meet in the Third Floor Conference Room. As a result, the work group will now be meeting at 10:00 AM instead of the current meeting time of 9:30 AM.

Other. Leslie Walleigh asked about folks who have not been at meetings for a while. Bill agreed and asked Terry to check the attendance for the last six (6) months and will let Bill know.

Next Meeting. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 19, 2005, at 10:00 AM in the First Floor Training Room.

Adjournment. Bill adjourned the meeting at 11:00 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry M. Hathaway Recording Secretary