Occupational Safety and Health Data Collection and Injury Prevention Work Group

  • January 21, 2009:


Occupational Safety and Health Data Collection and Injury Prevention Work Group


Bureau of Labor Standards Central Maine Commerce Center Frances Perkins Conference Room January 21, 2009

Present: William Peabody, Chair (Maine Department of Labor); Peter Doran (American Lung Association of Maine); Lousie Morang (Maine Association of Occupational Health Nurses); Kim Lim (Maine Department of Labor); John Rioux (Maine Department of Labor); Dave Wacker (Maine Department of Labor), Leslie Walleigh (Maine Center for Disease Control)

Staff Present: Terry Hathaway.

Call to Order: Bill Peabody called the meeting to order at 10:10 a.m.

November 19th Minutes. John Rioux made a motion to accept the November 19th minutes as written. Peter Doran seconded the motion. Vote, unanimous. The December 17th meeting was cancelled due to a snowstorm.

2008 Topic Updates.

• Self-insured Study. Each member had a copy of the MEMIC study, “Initial Findings of Medical-Only First Reports (MEMIC Dates of Injury from 1998 through 2003)”. Bill asked if there was anything new or different to do with the self-insured study other than the MEMIC study. Kim stated that the MEMIC study just had the results, but not the methodology. There was further discussion regarding mandatory filing of Medical Only reports. Bill will be working with Brian on the self-insured study.

• M.O. (Medical Only). This will be combined with the Self-insured Study.

• Small Business Survey. John said that the small business survey is pretty well wrapped up. Paragraphs have been added to the existing study and a draft will be submitted to the membership. John also explained that Steve Laundrie is currently working on the federal OSHA survey, which is mandated to be filed on-line rather than a hard copy. Steve has to fax a blank form to the employer, the employer fills it out, faxes it back to Steve, and he enters them on the computer.

• Detailed Review of Prevention Activities. Dave has been working on a state plan to bring Federal resources into Maine for the Public Sector. The next step is to request a fifty-fifty grant. That would allow increasing the staff. As the State currently has a hiring freeze, will they be allowed to hire additional staff for occupational safety and health. The next step is to get the Governor “on board” as well as Maine’s congressional delegation. Dave went on to say that the OSHA standards are minimal, but the State can do more. There was discussion regarding the Board of Occupational Safety and Health and their adoption of standards as well as the composition of the board.

Dave would like to re-instate the “State as an Employer” Safety Committee”, which was under the King Administration. The Safety Committee would be comprised of a representative from each department. Dave will send a copy of the proposal to the work group once Bill has seen it.

Other. Bill stated that the Legislature has nothing regarding safety and health, except for the OSHA 10-hour training for employees of contractors and the licensing of contractors.

Next Meeting. The next meeting of the Occupational Safety and Health Data Collection and Injury Prevention Work Group is scheduled for Wednesday, February 18, 2009, 10:00 – 11:30 a.m., Maine Department of Labor, Frances Perkins Conference Room, Central Maine Commerce Center, 45 Commerce Drive, Augusta.

Adjournment – Bill Peabody adjourned the meeting at 11:19 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry M. Hathaway, Recording Secretary