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Last Update 7/17/09 DCK    IID Grant Award Amounts Formula Regular & ARRA

Title IID Stimulus -Awards to go out on the July 22 with regulations


Draft Information as understood on 7/17/09


At this time, we believe that each SAU that will received a Title IID Educational Technology allocation for 09-10 will also receive a IID ARRA (stimulus) award. The same rules that applied to the regular IID funds will apply to the stimulus IID funds. The stimulus grant will be a separate budget line in projects and periodic reporting for the ARRA portion of the grant may be required. Quarterly expenditures will be recorded on a separate IID Stimulus Cash Management Line and for Cash Management purposes not merged with the regular IID funds.

The rules for how the funds may be used will be similar to those allowed under regular Title IID.

The project sheet(s) for the funds both IID and IID ARRA will be merged.  End users will decide to use IID, Or IID ARRA or both types of funding for a project.  There will be two budget lines per project to allow you to decide from what pot(s) the funds will be taken from.

An evaluation (Performance Report) will be required and data collected as normal but what additional information that may be needed for the IID ARRA funds is still to be determined.


Approved Non-public Schools will have an opportunity to choose to participate through your grant using the same % for equitable services as for the 09-10 grant. As with the regular Title IID, the SAU will serve as the fiscal agent for the non-public schools that wish to participate.


The life of the funds should be the same as the regular IID.  Issued to the State on July 1, 2009.  The become carryover on June 30, 2010 up to Sept 30, 2010 depending when locally your close your federal accounts.  The carryover Period will until December 31, 2010 with the carryover report due by January 15, 2011.  An extension period from January 1, 2011 until JUly 30, 2011 can be requested.  Any funds not obliguated by September 30, 2011 will need to be returned.  Obliguated funds can be paid out until Dec 31, 2011.    You are encouraged to use the funds wisely and quickly. After July 1, 2009, any checks will be issued to the appropriate RSU, AOS or SAU of record at that time.


We have an electronic process to incorporate the ARRA funds into the regular NCLB Consolidated application.


You will be required to use 25% of your total award IID regular and IID ARRA for technology professional development.  If after your needs assessment, you find that hardware, software or infrastructures are most pressing needs, a waiver can be requested for this requirement as with the IID funds  and granted if you can document that your staff is receiving appropiate Technology Staff Development. We will have an electronic waiver option in applying for the funds in this years application.  


Updated information will be posted here until the final rules and regulations are issued scheduled for 7/22/09.


There will also be a competitive grant process for the 50% of SAU that have the greatest poverty as determined by certified census for use in 09-10 grant cycle. The Department is working out a process and RFP details for this part of the stimulus.

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