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Science Standards


Next Generation Science Standards

A Framework for K-12 Science Education

Laying the foundation for the science concepts, practices, and skills all students need to learn to succeed in science, the Framework is a critical first step, grounded in the most current research on science and science learning and identifying the science all K–12 students should know.

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Maine's 2007 Learning Results: Parameters for Essential Instruction

Click here to download the complete document, or view related materials.

Science & Technology standards from the 2007 Maine Learning Results are available here: PDF / RTF

Supporting Materials for Implementing the 2007 Maine Learning Results

Science & Technology PowerPoint (PPT) - Provides an introduction to the 2007 Learning Results revision process, changes in content and structure for Science & Technology standards, and potential considerations for implementing the revised standards.

Multimedia Presentation (Flash*) - An audiovisual introduction to the Science and Technology standards of the 2007 Maine Learning Results: Parameters for Essential Instruction.

Narration Notes for the Science & Technology PowerPoint and Multimedia presentations - available in PDF or Text Only format.

A Summary of the Differences between 1997 Maine Learning Results and the 2007 Maine Learning Results: Parameters for Essential Instruction  for Science and Technology



The Common Core State Standards Initiative

The Common Core State Standards Initiative is a state-led effort to establish a single set of clear educational standards for English-language arts and mathematics that states can share and voluntarily adopt. These standards are designed to ensure that students graduating from high school are prepared to go to college or enter the workforce, and that parents, teachers, and students have a clear understanding of what is expected of them.

Click here to learn more about the Common Core State Standards Initiative.



Other National Standards

Benchmarks for Science Literacy:

National Science Education Standards:

Science for All Americans:

Standards for Technological Literacy: Content for the Study of Technology


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