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TO:                  Superintendents of Schools, School Principals

Special Education Directors


FROM:            Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner


DATE:             April 26, 2004


SUBJECT:       Teachers to Serve on PRAXIS II Standard Setting Panels


            Maine is in the process of conducting validation standard setting studies in all teaching areas for Educational Testing Service's (ETS) subject assessments in The Praxis Seriesä.  Validation studies for Early Childhood, General Elementary, English, French, German, Mathematics, Physical Education, Business Education and Home Economics will be completed the first week of May 2004.


            The next group will convene July 20, 21, and 22, 2004.   I am asking your assistance in nominating teachers to participate in this validation and standard setting study.  The content areas in which these tests will be reviewed are School Guidance (075), Deaf and Hearing Impaired (292), Teacher – Disabled Students 0-5 (282), Teacher – Disabled Students K-8 (282), Teacher – Disabled Students 7-12 (282), Blind/Visual Impaired (291), Speech and Hearing Clinician (293) and Teacher – Severe Impaired (286).


            Each test will require review by panels of teachers in the content areas.  Panelists will not be required to take the test.


            Although there will be more than one test on most days, each area test will require a one-day commitment for each teacher serving on their subject area panel only.  The schedule is as follows:


            Tuesday, July 20        School Guidance; Deaf/ Hearing Impaired


            Wednesday, July 21   Teacher – Disabled Students (0-5, K-8 and 7-12); Blind/Visual Impaired


            Thursday, July 22      Speech/Hearing; Teacher – Severe Impaired

            Teachers nominated:


                 °      Must hold a valid Maine teacher certification in the content area and be currently teaching in one or more of these disciplines; and


                 °      Should have at least one year of classroom experience, but not more than seven years.  If a teacher has more than 7 years of experience, they should have recently supervised a student teacher or been a mentor to a first year teacher.


            These experience parameters are being set because the Praxis Series is intended to be used as part of the State's requirements for initial teacher certification.  Teachers who are working with a "conditional", “targeted need” or "transitional endorsement" in the content area, and who will need to take one or more of the State required certification tests in the future, will not be allowed to participate in the study.


            For some panels, the State may consider participation by a limited number of appropriate college level faculty.  Ideally, those who are nominated should also be certified by the State in the subject being studied by the panel.


            Attached is the Biographical Information form that may be copied.  Please have each teacher being nominated complete a separate form.  They may fax the form to us at 624-6604 or forward the forms no later than May 15, 2004 to:


                                    Department of Education

                                    Certification Office

                                    23 State House Station

                                    Augusta, Maine 04333-0023


            I hope that you will nominate teachers to participate in this important professional effort to strengthen teacher licensure.  We are grateful for your assistance.  All participants will receive clock hours of professional development.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Anne Wehrman, DE, Certification at 207-624-6871.




Attachment:  Biographical Information form