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TO:                 Superintendents of Schools, Goals 2000, Per Pupil Professional Development, and Technology Literacy Challenge Funds Grant Coordinators


FROM:            J. Duke Albanese, Commissioner


DATE:            November 27, 2001


RE:                 Update and Changes to Technology Literacy Challenge Fund (TLCF) Application Process



            There has been some confusion as to the proper set of forms to use in applying for this year’s Technology Literacy Challenge Fund (TLCF) grant.


            The set of application forms we posted on the web site: varied from the set of forms we sent to Superintendents on November 5th.  The forms on the website were removed on November 26.


            The correct set of forms, the evaluation criteria that we previously omitted, the questions and answers to-date, notification of the appeal process, and other clarifications will be posted by 4:00 pm, Tuesday, November 27, 2001.


            In essence, the forms sent to all Superintendents in Informational Letter 32 on November 5, 2001 are correct with these additions.


            In consideration of any confusion this has added to the process, we are extending the submission deadline to 5:00 pm, Monday, December 10, 2001.  This is one week beyond the previous date.


            Thank you for your understanding.


            Any questions regarding the TLCF application process should be directed to Greg Scott at 207-624-6614 or e-mail: