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Instructions for Completing Form EF-T-20 – School Bus Purchase Report 

Use:  This report is to be used by SAUs to report all school bus purchases and lease-purchases to the Department of Education. 

Subsidy:  Failure to submit a completed EF-T-20 for a school bus purchase or a purchase cancellation may result in a loss of subsidy.

Due Date: Last day of the business quarter (March 30, June 30, Sept. 30 and Dec. 30) during the fiscal year of bus purchase.

Instructions for Completing Form EF-T-20:  Complete one (1) form for each bus purchased. 

    1. Fill in requested general information. 

    2. If reporting a PURCHASE or LEASE-PURCHASE, fill in the following information in the spaces provided on the form:
    • Bus #:  This is the number assigned to the bus by the SAU.
    • Delivery Date: Can be either the dealer committed delivery date or the actual date delivered, whichever is known at the time the report is filed.
    • Model Year:  As indicated on the invoice.
    • New Fleet Bus:  If yes, fill in last 4 digits of the VIN
    • Replacement Bus/Bus Being Replaced:  If yes, fill in last 4 digits of the VIN then fill in the last four (4) digits of the VIN for the bus being replaced.
    • Bus Type:  Indicate the bus type (Type A, B, C or D – see Bus Types on the Pupil Transportation web page for detailed description of each bus type).
    • Body and Chassis Manufacturer:  Indicate the body manufacturer for the bus (i.e. BlueBird, Thomas, etc.).
    • Capacity: Indicate the passenger capacity on the bus.
    • Wheelchair Lift:  If the bus is equipped with a wheel chair lift indicate this by checking the box provided.
    • Purchased From:  Indicate name of the dealer or seller from whom the bus was purchased.
    • Net Cost: Enter the actual delivered purchase price of the bus as equipped.  Do not include interest in this line.
    • Grant Received:  Indicate if a grant was received for the purchase, the amount, the grant name, and the organization from which the grant was received.
    • Cash/Financed/Lease-Purchase: Indicate the payment method used to acquire the bus by checking the appropriate box.
    • Payment from Current Funds: If a cash purchase, indicate the full purchase amount in the space provided.  If time payments are used, indicate the cash down payment made from current-year funds.
    • Amount Financed: Indicate the full amount borrowed or the principle value of the lease-purchase.  DO NOT include any interest in this amount.
    • Loan or Lease-Purchase Payment Schedule: Attach the payment or amortization schedule showing interest and principle payments broken out for each payment.  Double check to make sure that the date or fiscal year for each payment is correctly identified on the schedule.
    • For Loan/Notes or Lease-Purchase: Attach a copy of the loan or lease-purchase agreement to the EF-T-20 form.
    • Signatures:  Signatures of the Transportation Director, the Business Manager, and the Superintendent.
    1. Attach a copy of the purchase order, invoice, and proof of payment in order to receive subsidy.

Submit to the address provided on the form.  Faxes are acceptable.  Fax to: (207) 624-6841. 


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