Arborist Complaints

Maine citizens who have knowledge of individuals advertising for or performing arboricultural work without a license, are encouraged to report these individuals to the Division of Animal and Plant Health.

The individual must be involved in, or advertising work for a fee on ornamental/shade trees in a developed area that indicates one of the following:

  • leaving the ground for pruning, trimming etc.,
  • installing cabling or bracing,
  • diagnosing and evaluating conditions of trees, and
  • felling or taking down trees.

How to file an arborist complaint

  1. First verify that the individual does not have an arborist license by checking the list of licensed arborists or by contacting the division at (207)287-3891 and that the individual is engaged in work or advertising work for which they must be licensed.

    Acceptable terms for advertising non-licensed arborist work:
    • Pruning, pest management, planting & fertilizing, stump grinding, chipping, bucket truck, house lots and wood lots cleared

    Unacceptable terms for advertising non-licensed arborist work:
    • Tree removal, tree work, climbing service, vista & view clearing, complete tree care, cabling, limbing, difficult tree removal

  2. A person filing a complaint must submit the complaint in writing and provide their contact information (name, address and phone number), and should provide at least one of the following:

    • Written documentation indicating that an individual is advertising arborist work. This might be in the form of a business card, paper advertisement or truck logo. You need to include contact information, name and current mailing address of person named in the complaint*.
    • Photographic documentation of persons engaged in arborist work. Pictures must show them actually doing the work without a supervising arborist in the area. Include the name and current mailing address of the person named in the complaint*.
    • Written report of work being done on site. Include date, location, type of work being done, and contact information for the individual including name and current mailing address*.
    • Copy of a signed contract indicating certain work was to be completed that required an arborist license. Also, a copy of a signed contract and evidence (photos) that the work was not completed. This would pertain to situations where either a licensed or non-licensed arborist is doing the work. If it is not on the contract include contact information including current mailing address of the person named in the complaint*
    • *This information is for contact purposes only.

  3. Send your complaint and documentaion to Arborist Program, 28 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333.

Updated: January 22, 2014