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The bargaining agreements and Civil Service Rules provide for the accrual and utilization of vacation time for State employees.

The monthly vacation accrual rates for full-time employees are as follows, based on each completed full month of service:

For part-time employees, the accrual rates listed above are prorated in proportion to their authorized part-time hours. For example, a 20-hour employee would accrue vacation at 4 hours per month during the first 5 years. The years of service necessary to advance to a higher rate are not prorated. Using the same example, a 20-hour employee would accrue 5 hours per month beginning the 6th year of service.

Intermittent employees are unique. Intermittent employees do not accrue vacation until the completion of 1,040 hours of actual work. After completing 1,040 hours of actual work, intermittent employees begin accruing vacation for each 173 hours of actual work. Because of the inherent nature of intermittent work, intermittent employees do not have an established accrual date or established hours from which vacation accrual can be derived. The only limitation to the hours an intermittent employee can work is the total annual authorized hours for the position. Since accrual can only be based upon annual authorized hours, intermittent employees accrue vacation each 173 hours of actual work, regardless of the rate of pay (regular or premium rate) in effect when the hours are worked.

Continuous state service is also a factor in determining the vacation accrual rate:

Non-status acting capacity employment or project employment is not considered state service for purposes of calculating service dates or accrual rates. Non-State employees serving in an acting capacity assignment may begin to accrue vacation after 90 days of continuous service. Project employees do not accrue vacation at any time during the assignment.

The method of accruing vacation varies, depending on the position, as follows:

  • Practices vary among agencies as to when vacation time is posted. Agency human resource representatives should be consulted regarding actual accrual dates.
  • The maximum vacation accrual also varies, depending on the position, as follows:

    The employee’s immediate supervisor approves vacation leave. Vacation leave should be requested as far in advance as possible. Except where operational needs require otherwise, employees are entitled to use accrued vacation at the times of their choice and may not be unreasonably denied. In the event that scheduling problems emerge due to multiple vacation requests, the bargaining agreements provide for a resolution based on seniority. In this situation, human resource representatives should be consulted.

    An employee transferring from one agency to another agency, without a break in State service, is entitled to: