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Bureau of Human Resources

October 9, 2012


TO: All Agency Heads, Agency Human Resource/EEO Representatives

SUBJECT:  Newspaper Job Advertising (reference HR Memorandum 3-08)


          HR Memorandum 3-08 implemented a process by which agencies are required to obtain prior approval from BHR to advertise state employment opportunities in newspapers and other print advertisements.  The process was implemented in order to ensure compliance with Public Law 2007, Chapter 539, Part YYY.

          Since the law was passed and the process implemented, agencies have severely reduced their job opportunity print advertisements in order to comply with this law and are able to justify requests if and when they are made.  It has become abundantly clear that agencies are managing their print advertising in full compliance with the law.  In order to streamline the process, the Bureau of Human Resources will grant a blanket waiver and no longer require agencies to obtain prior approval to place job advertisements in print publications.  Agencies are now authorized to manage their own print advertising of job opportunities in compliance with Public Law 2007, Chapter 539, Part YYY.

          The requirement to complete and submit the PER 132 form remains, but only in order for BHR to monitor print advertising of job opportunities in the event we are called on to report.  If possible, the form should be submitted prior to placing the print advertisement.  However, agencies need not wait for approval before placing the advertisement.  The sections of HR Memorandum 3-08 pertaining to postings on BHR’s website and links to postings elsewhere remain in effect.  It is still very important to have a centralized source of job postings for all State of Maine jobs.

S/  Joyce A. Oreskovich
Joyce A. Oreskovich, Director
Bureau of Human Resources