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Bureau of Human Resources

August 15, 2011


TO: All Agency Heads, Agency Human Resource Representatives

SUBJECT:  Reemployment of Retired State Employees


Public Law 2011, Chapter 380, Part MMM provides restrictions and requirements when reemploying State Employees who retire after September 1, 2011.  The following are interpretations and administrative determinations regarding those restrictions and requirements:

Employers are required to identify and report each returned retiree to the Maine Public Employees Retirement System and to the Bureau of the Budget.

Additional information regarding retired state employees returning to state service follows:

Termination for purposes of retirement is considered a break in service.

This means that, if a retired employee is rehired into a state position, the retiree:

Additionally, for retired employees rehired into positions covered by a collective bargaining agreement, the retiree:

For employees not covered by a collective bargaining agreement (commonly known as “Confidentials”), the vacation accrual rate and eligibility for longevity are based on total state service (whether continuous or not).  Therefore, retired employees hired into “Confidential” positions:

S/  Joyce A. Oreskovich
Joyce A. Oreskovich, Director
Bureau of Human Resources

1These restrictions do not apply to a retired state employee who is hired as a substitute teacher.

2Public Law 2011, Chapter 380, Section E freezes longevity pay at the rate in effect on June 30, 2011.